Happy Birthday Harmony Blaze

A year ago today I sat down and wrote my first blog post for Harmony Blaze. Back then my head was filled with hopes and dreams and instead of analytics and schedules. But I’m pretty happy with how far I have come…

Harmony Blaze was born from my love for beauty, fitness and life in general and from the ashes of my former site ‘The Beauty Review’. With the benefit of hindsight I wish I had stuck by my original site back when life took over and pursued my dreams sooner. But hindsight is a wonderful thing and at the time something had to give.

Over the past year I have learnt that numbers aren’t everything, that life does sometimes get in the way but that your audience will understand if a post is late or doesn’t come because of illness or family emergencies and that at the end of the day the most important thing when it comes to blogging (other than making a living of course if blogging is your job) is having fun, enjoying what you do and interacting with other bloggers and your readers.

The blogging community is an amazing thing to be a part of, the support and opportunities it brings is outstanding and I am so thankful for those that have got this site to it’s first birthday. All of those hours on the living room floor, learning how to code and change my design to what it is now were definitely worth it.

But here’s to another 12 months of love, life and laughter, I hope to meet up with some of you lovely people very soon, until then though, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARMONY BLAZE and of course for all of you guys a big thank you x

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