Hello August…

Well August, you’re one of the months that we eagerly anticipate the most with your promise of evenings in the garden sipping Prosecco, barbecues and the sweet heat of the sun. This time two years ago I was settling down for a week in Sorrento but what does this August hold in store?

Well look ahead at August I am super excited about a few things … as geeky as it might sound, I am really looking forward to attending a few training courses and workshops with work this month. Having started my new job back in March I finally feel as though my feet are starting to touch the ground a little and ready to start learning some new skills and knowledge that will help me to advance further in my field.

Because this girl doesn’t want to be a Junior forever.

I’m also looking forward to spending this weekend at the Huddersfield Food & Drink festival, trying new flavours and seeking out some sweet treats. Paul & I visited the festival last year, it was so much fun to be able to wonder around in the sun, soaking up the atmosphere and sample so many different delicacies. This year we are heading there with some friends and I just hope that the weather is kind to us!

Another thing that I am excited about this month is growth. Growth as a blogger is something that I have aspired to achieve for so long and I have some exciting collaborations coming up this month that I feel show how far I have come in the three short years since the blog launched. I finally feel as though I am starting to achieve some of my goals and that my ‘Better Blogger Manifesto‘ might just help to achieve some of those that I had thought were out of reach too!

But one thing that I am really looking forward to this month is having a bit of time at home, the chance to give the house a bit of a blitz, catch up on laundry and even clearing out my wardrobes again. All exciting things to look forward to I know but sometimes its the little things that make you feel good.

I’m sure that my diary will fill up and that I will be sat here at the end of the month wondering where time went and why I haven’t achieved some of the things that I wanted because thats how life is sometimes.

What are you looking forward to this August? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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