Hello July…

Well girls and boys, it looks like we finally made it to Summer 2017 doesn’t it? June has been a real babe of a month filled with beach days, barbecues and beautiful people, but now its time to dive head first into July…

This time last year I was gearing up for my holiday prep, this year I have no time to prep as I jet off sun-seeking with Paul (in fact when this post hits your screens I’ll be halfway through my time in Greece). But for once I’m not panic over seeing my abs and working that booty because right now I feel like I’m in a pretty good place health wise.

Right now it is safe to say I’m loving life. I’ve switched up my blog content & schedule a little so that I can produce quality content as opposed to lots of mediocre pieces, which in turn has made me much happier with what I am putting out there again. I’ve not ditched my trainers either and have mixed it up a little in the gym too, concentrating on combining lots of HIIT and LISS with lifting heavier weights more consistently. 

So with June delivering everything I could have wanted (except for an Aston Martin, it seemed to miss that part of my wish list) and leaving me feeling like a total girboss, July has a lot of work to do to beat it!

But what does July have lined up for me?

VACAY … As I’ve already mentioned above, this month I will be waking up to sun, sea and seriously bad tan lines as I join Paul on another adventure abroad. This year we are heading to Rhodes and aside from the sunbathing and cocktails, we’re also looking forward to exploring the island too.

BIRTHDAYS … July is jam packed with celebrations thanks to a few family birthday and also one of my favourite girls is turning 30 too. Time for a few garden parties, plenty of prosecco & a whole load of partying!

CREATING … I know technically every month holds creating in store for me, but this month I am particularly excited to plan ahead with my content, to share some amazing snaps with you all and hopefully (maybe) engage with you all a little more.

In all honesty, except for the holiday and birthdays, July is looking like a pretty quiet month for me. I am still feeling a little out of the blogging circle right now I must admit, but the more out of it I feel, the more I feel determined to keep concentrating on making this little corner of the web the best it can be.

What does July hold in store for you? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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