Hello May

Well hello there May, and hello to you my lovely readers. I feel like it has been an age since I sat down and wrote a little note to you all and with the warmer weather (hopefully still) making a comeback, I thought I would throw it back to 2017 with a ‘Hello’ post…

Because well, why not!

You may have noticed that I have been a little AWOL so far in 2018 and this is for a number of reasons and some of them I’ve shared, some I haven’t. But it will all make sense soon I promise.

Anyway, a few days ago I found myself ranting in my head about how influencers should probably be a bit more careful with their opinions. I was watching vlogs on YouTube and vlogger after vlogger was mentioning how ‘crap’ this place was or how ‘shocking’ the service was at restaurant X. 

I decided to do a bit of digging and it turned out restaurant X hadn’t fully opened yet and that the staff were still training there, it also turns out that this was plastered all over their social feeds and their website along with a ‘thanks for bearing with us’ note from the management. Wow. Bloggers are regularly invited along to ‘soft launches’ like this and whilst I have no idea if the vlogger visiting restaurant X was invited along, it’s unlikely their 50K plus following will ever give the restaurant a go now, all because an opinion was put out their without any facts or justification.

This isn’t an aside at the vlogger in question, this an side at the industry in general to be more careful with our opinions. 

I am as guilty as the next ‘influencer’ when it comes to venting my frustrations online (particularly when it comes to poor service) but I do try to make sure that I put the facts out there alongside them so that people can make their own minds up.

Recently I recommended a company to a friend and instantly another blogger intervened with a comment about how ‘they wouldn’t’ use the company due to their customer service being a shambles. It turned out they had had a bad experience with the company that day, they didn’t follow me or my friend (as far as I know) and had been searching for mentions of the company online so that they could bad mouth them.

No, just no.

I’m sorry you have had a bad experience, I’m sorry you don’t feel that my good experiences validate my personal high opinion of a company but please keep your vendetta to yourself and leave me out of it. 

So because of all of the above I’ve decided maybe I need to get back into the writing game a bit more.

These monthly ‘hello’ posts are therefore permanently back on the schedule for the foreseeable future, they will be slightly different with a bit more of a personal thought about a current topic as well as a look forward to the next few weeks.

May for me is going to be a busy one with lots more work travel, weddings and a trip to Ibiza on the horizon. I’m looking forward to spending a little bit of time relaxing by the pool with a good book and a few cocktails, a lot more time with friends and AND creating some (hopefully) A* content to pop on here for you all too!

So in a nutshell that is May. Hello you, you beaut … please be as wonderful as I have dreamed you will.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – what do you think about sharing opinions online? Is it dangerous territory or a necessary evil in todays virtual world?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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