Hello November

Oh wowsers, hello November where the devil did you spring up from? I must admit I have been a little busy of late and the weather has been so glorious at times that your arrival has surprised me somewhat! But admittedly you are one of my favourite months of the year so I’m also a tad excited too.

You see growing up, I was never really fussed about Halloween as I don’t really like / absolute hate all that hubble, bubble, toil and trouble rubbish. In fact I’d go so far as to say it bores me a little bit and yes on Tuesday night I was hidden away in the kitchen with a glass of wine, watching YouTube videos and ignoring Trick or Treaters.

In my defence, I was ignoring them and pretending to not be home because I wasn’t planning on being and therefore had nothing in for them!

Photography by Paul Dickenson | Jacket LOTD | Jumper New Look (similar) | Jeans New Look | Scarf ASOS (similar) | Trainers Reebok

But I have always loved Bonfire Night since a young age, I would always go to a Bonfire with my Mum or Dad or both on some occasions. Mum would always buy me some sparklers in and put on Hot Dogs for tea with treats such as Toffee Apples, Cinder Toffee or good old Parkin & Custard for afters.

As an adult I still watch the rockets explode in awe and wonder, I still love a sparkler and yes I may have had Pie & Peas with lashings of Mint Sauce for lunch this week already.

I am so winning right?

I also love November because the days tend to be really cold and crisp, non of this in-between nonsense that October brings (although I loathe scraping the car on the really cold ones) and I love being able to pull on my bobble hat and scarf as I head out of the door.

It’s a great excuse for not making the effort some days I swear!

Another reason I love November so much is that it is the start of party season; with birthdays to celebrate (I am 100% down for birthday pizza on Sunday), Christmas markets to attend and parties to attend, November is always a busy month and one that I enjoy so, so much.

One thing that I am determined not to do this November is ignore my own personal health and well-being too much, it is only the third of the month but already I have had to skip the gym once in favour of making headway on my to-do list and with a possible Winter break on the horizon that just won’t do.

That being said I will enjoy myself as much as I want to, but I will just make sure that I still get my beauty sleep (the tips in this post from Carly Rowena are a total revelation and the This Works products are giving me life already), drink plenty of H20 and work my ass off in the gym as well.

I’m making it my mission to maintain a certain degree of balance in my life this month and hit my goal weight by the start of December.

So lets raise a glass to the penultimate month of the year and dive into November head first!

Do you love November? Or does it just bridge the gap until Christmas for you?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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