Hello September…

Well hello there September, I’m so excited that you are finally here! Why? Because that means that it’s almost time for me to pack up my little Roxy suitcase and fly away

So what am I looking forward to this month? Cooler days and more layers? Not really, although I do love Winter and cannot wait to welcome hygge into my life as the nights draw in and the days darken and become more muted in colour.

This month I am most looking forward to going on holiday!

I cannot wait to load up the car and head off to the airport, to participate in traditional British pastime of queuing and hit duty free.

So here are five things I’m looking forward to about September… 

DOING NOTHINGDon’t get me wrong I am usually one of those annoying people who would rather be doing something or going somewhere, just not when I’m on holiday. When I’m on holiday I like to switch off, relax and do absolutely nothing.

BOSSING ITI started reading ‘Girl Boss’ back in April and guess what? Yup, it’s still on my bedside table and hasn’t moved since I got back from Center Parcs. This month I am going to read this AND The Goddess Revolution and I am going to come back from Gran Canaria ready to kick even more ass than normal.

LIVING IT UP | In a little contradiction to my first point I am looking forward to experiencing somewhere new, a new culture and new flavours. I intend to make the most of being in a different country, a different environment and being away from the stresses of everyday life. But don’t fear I will have continuous content on here still!

SUN, SEA, SANDI don’t feel that we have seen enough of the sun in the UK this year and I cannot wait to feel its warmth on my skin, to smell the sea and feel the sand in between my toes. They say the best things in life are free and ok I’ve paid to go away but its the little extras you know?

BEING ALONEI guess the one thing that I am looking forward to the most is spending some time with Paul, away from home, work and humdrum of life. No thinking about what shopping we need, what time we need to be at work or the gym or what to watch on TV. I might not be online as much whilst I’m away but you know, it’s good for the heart, the head and the soul.

Let me know below what you’re looking forward to this month and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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