Hiiting It

They (meaning the village elders of course) often say that ‘a change is as good as a break’ and even though I don’t always think that that saying is particularly accurate in day-to-day life, I do think it makes sense when it comes to working out.

I’ve made no bones about how I have felt recently when it comes to body positivity and my (lack of) motivation when it comes to working out. I think as a ‘health and fitness’ blogger people expect me to be uber motivated 24/7 to workout, to always be eating super clean and to not have any issues.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality I have some real CBA days, days where I fill up on all of the things I know will make me feel me feel even worse and less likely to workout and where I feel so unhappy with not only how I feel (mainly from eating all the sweet treats and takeaways) but with how I look too (or at least how I think I look).

Its a vicious circle to be stuck in; the worse I feel, the more I fill up on junk and the less I want to workout.

So last week I decided to do something very different for me, to give myself a kick up the ass and head to Trib3 for not one, not two, BUT three bootcamp style workouts at their basement gym in Leeds. Boy did my ass get a kicking!

Having never heard of Trib3 before and only knowing what was on their website, I headed in with an open mind to my first session with the amazing Leigh for a full body workout … and after a pretty full-on day in the classroom learning, it was just what I needed. I worked muscles that I had forgotten existed, ran for the first time since the Leeds Half Marathon (yup, it put me off running again) and left feeling amazing.

Trib3 combines three key components of exercise; treadmill, resistance and intensity to maximise the effect your workout has on your physical and mental performance. You can start in any of the three zones available and work your way through under the instruction of your trainer, visiting each station 2 or 3 times during your workout and making sure you hit every area you are looking for.

In total I trained at Trib3 three times as I mentioned before and by Thursday I was definitely struggling to walk despite going to spin three times a week and doing ad-hoc sessions in the gym too. You see that’s the thing with HIIT, you feel fit until you try it and then you realise you still have a bit of a way to go to hit your peak.

Talking of hitting your peak one of the things I loved most about Trib3 (even more so than the post-workout shakes) is the MyZone trackers that you wear during your session – these make working out less solitary and more of a social challenge as you can not only see your own effort, heart rate and calorie burn, but also that of the other participants … and let me tell you, you do not want to be the only one giving it less than 90% when everyone else is in that top zone.

Even if you do want scream a little bit!

My other sessions were with the wonderful Abbie who took me through a lower (a real booty burner) and an upper (sculpting those shoulders and strengthening that core) body workout. Again these workouts utilised the treadmills, resistance and intensity components and by the end of my third and final session I was almost crawling out of the door.

I was done.

The thing I loved about Trib3 the most was that it was totally unpredictable which meant that you were always giving it everything you had as opposed to holding that little bit back in reserve for that hill climb you always know is coming at the end of your Spin class. 

For that reason I know I’ll be back.

Have you tried any of the less ‘conventional’ training studios like Trib3 that are on offer? 
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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