Instagram Inspiration

It occurred to me the other day just how much time I spend scrolling through Instagram looking at the latest editorial images of my favourite bloggers, catching up with friends both near and far and peaking into the lives of celebrities…

…Instagram provides so much inspiration to me. I look at it for motivational mantras to fill my diary with, for photography ideas and most frequently for lifestyle inspiration.

Those of you who are regular readers on here will be fully aware that I am trying to become much healthier and fitter and a big part of this process is to surround myself with likeminded people. No longer do a I want my social media feeds to be filled with negativity, hatred and narcissism, instead I want them to be brimming with positivity, love and inspiration.

Today’s post is a shout out to those accounts that inspire me to get off my butt, to explore the world, to work hard, to chase my dreams, to love every minute and enjoy life!

CARLY ROWENA @carlyrowena | I stumbled upon Carly Rowena thanks to a collab video that she did with The Lean Machines last year and I was instantly drawn to her positive nature, bubbly personality and motivation. Her account is full bright imagery, fabulous food and of course Steven the Frenchy and she never fails to inspire me to get my butt moving!

EM SHELDON @emshelx | Em’s account is one of the latest additions to my feed and not only because she is a local girl and has all of the qualities I adore (honesty, integrity and determination) but also because her posts are so picturesque. Whether it be snapshots of her travels, her lifestyle (her portrayal of the 80/20 rule is fab) or her latest fashion pics, everything is just so and makes me feel a little bit spendy or a little bit more motivated.

GEMMA ATKINSON @glouiseatkinson | TV babe and super fittie Gemma’s account is really raw and she lets you see the warts and all side of being a fitness and enthusiast who also has a full time career that probably isn’t the easiest to fit a healthy lifestyle into. Her 10k training at the minute is definitely making me want to get back into running – but I’m a fair weather runner so I’ll wait until it warms up a bit first…

THE LEAN MACHINES @theleanmachinesofficial | John & Leon, otherwise known as The Lean Machines are (as their bio describes them) ‘Full Time Happy People’ and if you follow them on any social media you will see this shining in their feeds. Their feed isn’t overly styled nor is it a constant conveyor belt of ‘you must do this’ and ‘you can’t do that’ either. It is simply full of motivation to help create a happier, healthier version of yourself.

FIFI NEWBURY @fifinewbury | Fifi is a lifestyle blogger and model with an enviable body and persona that will make you want to live the London life. From fashion to fitness, Fifi’s feed has it all and that’s why it’s a permanent feature on my Instagram.

CHLOE MADELEY @madeleychloe | Chloe Madeley isn’t only the daughter of the institutional Richard & Judy (they were the original Phil & Holly, ask your parents) but she is also a fully qualified PT, business woman and superbabe! Her Fitness Fondue site, ebook and app has taught me so much about fitness over the last 12 months and I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today without any of this (over than on the sofa, wishing I could be thin still). Her daily doses of reality keep me fired up and dreaming of having the body of a total babe this Summer!

TWENTY FIRST CENTURY GENT @twentyfirstcenturygent | Ben, the gent, is a Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle blogger who always looks the part, comes across a genuinely lovely person and whose pictures always leave me looking up my next break on Expedia! If you’re looking for travel inspiration the Ben’s your, well gent I guess!

So there you have it, seven beautiful accounts created by eight beautiful people. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people doesn’t always have to apply to who you know and see everyday, but to those that you aspire to be too.

Who are you inspirational Instagrammers?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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