Irresistible Me

I’ve always had a hate hate relationship with my hair; I hate it’s wayward sense of (or lack of) style and it hates to be told what to do. Usually my hair can be found in one of two styles but that could be about to change thanks to a new styler from across the pond.

When it comes to styling tools, I’ve never had much luck and I guess that’s why I don’t tend to use them too much. I remember having one of those little Braun stylers that were powered by gas cartridges whilst I was at school and my mum tirelessly trying to help me recreate ‘the Rachel’ using just this and a can of hairspray!

It worked, kind of, but it frazzled my hair and from the age of about 14 I wore my hair tied back, unstyled and unloved. 

These days I stick to using my GHD’s, the first pair of straighteners I ever trusted and that I doubt I will ever be swayed from. They do the job and don’t damage my hair, however, I’ve never really mastered the ability to add waves and curls using them, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I spent most of my teenage years dreaming of straight hair, now it’s all I can do!

Lately I’ve been using the Sapphire 8-in-1 styler from US haircare company ‘Irresistable Me’ and I feel that I may have finally found what I have been looking for as it perfect for those like that enjoy trying out new styles.

Personally my favourite style to create so far has been a wavy little affair using the 19mm barrel option, the Sapphire 8 comes with eight various attachments to allow different looks to be created, a little look that I think is perfect for the warmer months and would look perfect on the beach, at a BBQ or a lazy afternoon in the local bar.

To create this look I first of all section off the hair, working from the bottom layers to the top and spritzing them with hairspray and combing through each section before wrapping the hair around the barrel and holding in place for a few seconds. One feature that I really like about the styler itself is the adjustable temperature which allows you to be 100% in control and avoid frazzling your hair, keeping it glossy and bouncy. 

Granted when you first start to curl your hair like this it isn’t the quickest and easiest of processes, however the more you do it, the faster you will get. Remember practice makes perfect!

I don’t think I will be reaching for the Sapphire 8 everyday, let’s face it I’m a lazy girl and my GHD’s pander to that side of me perfectly, but on the days where I want something a little different and a little more adventurous I think this little beauty will become my go to styler. 

What is your go to Summer style? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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