It’s Not You, It’s Me

Yesterday, whilst sprawled out on my picnic blanket soaking up those precious early days of UK Summertime, I felt a pang of guilt whilst scrolling through my social media feeds for not liking certain pictures.

I felt guilty for not liking that picture of the children you are so clearly proud of, for not liking that image of your new favourite products and for not liking that picture of your cat. Social media can be a very hard place within which to exist, not only do we feel the constant pressure to eat more avo on toast, to vote a certain way or to be a true millennial – but we also feel the constant pressure to like everything.

But liking isn’t always as easy as a double tapping, sometimes you genuinely need to feel a connection to that image, that emotion or to that moment in life to give a big thumbs up and subscribe. Some people clearly find ‘liking’ things on social media really easy – they define the ‘glass half full’ population who view their world through rose tinted sunglasses and see no harm in liking a quick update.

I can’t help but feel that these serial ‘likers’ like in order to be liked.

In a strange way I still feel very new to this blogging game almost three years on from starting this site and whilst I love to see my work liked and acknowledge as much as the next blogger, I do sometimes find the attention a little disconcerting. To have people who seem to hang on my every word and like them is still a very alien concept to me.

I mean it’s just me.

And that’s the problem guys, it’s not you, it’s me.

It’s me and my aesthetic snobbery that won’t allow me to like that picture from your latest visit to Lush simply because that is something that I could see myself if I could be bothered to go into town, nor will it allow me to like that slightly out of focus picture of your new favourite bar.

Something I keep seeing being banded around a fair old bit at the moment is that it is ok to unfollow/ unfriend people that no longer enrich your life, so please do not be offended if this happens to you.

Unless you go there with the ‘too soon’ joke after a passing or a tragedy, then please be offended, you deserve to be. 

I know this post has been a little ranty and a little messed up, but it was something I felt the need to get off my chest. Do you ever feel like an Insta snob or a little out of place? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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