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When I started blogging seriously almost 3 years ago now, I
did so because I enjoyed sharing my experiences with other people and not
because I wanted to curated a glossy, high end magazine.

Over time blogging seems to have become more polished, less grainy
and more serious and yet over the past few weeks I have seen a few posts that
have really called out to me. Posts that have called blogging out for what it
has become and that have declared their love for ‘old school’ blogging with
less fuss, less grandeur and less style.

You may well have by now read my ‘Life Lately’ post which
goes some way to explaining my absence from social media and the lack of
content on here too. But one thing I didn’t go into was the fact that I also
felt as though I had fallen out of love with blogging a little, that I had
started to feel that my corner of the internet wasn’t good enough anymore and
that as a blogger I was failing my audience a little.

I was no longer finding inspiration around every corner or
reading blogs as frequently and I’ve come to realise that that’s ok.

It’s OK.

It’s ok to no longer want to follow that blogger you have
been championing for years, its ok to no longer feel as though their content is
engaging you and it is more than ok to stop following them if you feel like
this. People change, they grow and they develop new tastes, new interests. That’s

I recently sat down and thought about why I want to blog,
what I want to achieve by blogging and if I’m honest I also had a serious think
about whether or not it was something I had the heart for any more and if it
was something I wanted to keep doing.

But I do. I do want to keep blogging, to keep sharing my
thoughts, my feelings and my experiences with you all, mainly because it
something that I enjoy doing but also because I think (and hope) that it is
something that you guys enjoy seeing from me.

So what can you expect from HarmonyBlaze over the
forthcoming months? Well the first thing you will notice change is the
schedule. I want to concentrate on creating higher quality content as opposed
to a higher quantity of content and therefore moving forward you will notice
that there is new content posted on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and that the
odd video will start to sneak back into the schedule too.

You will also notice that the content itself will change a
little and you may have already noticed this over the past few weeks. HarmonyBlaze
is becoming more focused on the things I love the most; health & wellbeing,
food & drink and travel & adventure.

Or fitness, food & travel if you want it in a nutshell!

But what you will still get is the same emotion from me, the
same old bad puns and the same old honesty that you have come to expect around
these parts. Because that is who I am and I certainly won’t be changing that!

Do you ever have the unexpected crisis of confidence? How do you deal with it? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x 


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