Keeping Balanced

This year I have worked harder than ever to make some serious progress aesthetically before I jetted off in search of the sun and I am really conscious that I don’t want to undo all my good work by completely binging out, hitting the buffet and lounging around…

It can be so easy on holiday fall into bad habits and pile on the pounds. We are more sedentary than in our everyday lives, we consume more and are prone to much more temptation and so I thought I would share a few tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst away.

SNACKS | I try to stock up on healthy snacks if possibly whilst away and even pop a few in my suitcase if I can. Products like the little Graze boxes you can pick up in Supermarkets, nuts, protein bars… Things I would snack on day-to-day at home, avoiding the mid-afternoon Cheese & Ham toastie at the pool bar is a must!

WORKOUT | I always jet off with the intention of staying active whilst away and this can be as little as 30 minutes in the gym, a little morning Yoga or even a bit of swimming, anything to keep the body moving, active and burning.

PLAN | This may sound very simple, but planning whilst away can make a big difference to your waistline when you come home home! Try to have something healthy & nutritious on a morning, my favourite is an omelette and/ or some fruit and yoghurt, a light lunch and then have a fabulous evening filled with local cuisine and treat yourself!

DRINK | By this I do not mean all you can drink beer or wine on your all inclusive, but good old H2O. On an average day at home I drink about three litres so I know I need to try and maintain this level to avoid feeling crappy later on in the day.

ENJOY | Remember you are on holiday, that ice cream will not make you put on a stone nor will that lie in. Your body needs rest to recuperate, to replenish itself and move forward. In the long run a few days off will massively benefit you so if you feel the need to sit back, read your book and watch the world go by for a while, do it!

What do you do whilst away to stay balanced? Let me know below, check out the #HarmonyBlazeTravels tag and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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