Keeping That Summer Glow

Looking at this picture from my time in Sorrento this summer actually makes me feel a little sad. Why? Just look at the colour of those little hot dogs I call legs! It’s no secret that at this time of year we can all begin to feel a bit tired, a bit dull and develop the desire to become a hedgehog…

Although this may be the norm and feel a little bit inevitable it does need to happen. Many of us (myself included) find it very easy to blame our Wintertime blues on the lack of sun exposure we get, the shorter days and the colder weather and whilst these are all contributing factors, the main thing we need to change is our mindset. So put down the Winter Sun brochures and step away from the sunbed, here are a few simple things we can all do or avoid doing to keep that Summer glow all year round!

Do tan up – I’m not saying jump on the nearest sunbed, but there’s nothing wrong with reaching for your favourite self tanner! If you feel as though you look good, you’ll feel good and if you feel good, you’ll look good. If like my you’re too lazy to tan up, invest in a good bronzer and wear a little every day to perk yourself up.

Avoid comfort eating – there is nothing wrong with a cheat meal or little reward every now and again, but don’t let that meal turn into a day or a whole season of poor diet. Try sticking to a balanced diet with plenty of fresh meat and veggies, you’ll feel less sluggish and it will mean that you don’t have to work extra hard in the New Year when you book your Summer break!

Do exercise – the fact that it gets dark earlier on a night or light later in a morning is no excuse not to workout. Working out helps you feel more relaxed, energetic and get a better night’s sleep. Plus working hard throughout Winter means you will start the New Year in great shape and not have to worry about having that extra glass of wine with your Christmas dinner! 

Avoid excessive alcohol – as thirst quenching as it may seem at the time, alcohol will leave you dehydrated and bleary eyed the next day. This will really affect your skin at this time of year, so volunteer to be the designated driver and…

Do drink water – water should seriously be your best friend all year round! I aim for 2-3 litres a day when I’m not training and about 5 when I am to replace what I lose in the gym. Start the day with a nice cold glass of water with a slice of lemon to wake you up and fire you up for the day. Also remember Green Tea is your friend too and is much better for you than that latte you love to start the day with.

Avoid partying all night – now I’m not saying be a granny and be in bed by 9pm every night, but I’ve learned from experience that burning the candle at both ends doesn’t work! Your body needs sleep to recover and reenergise so depriving it will make it weak and vulnerable. So if you get in at 3am, have a lie in and let your body catch up on it’s beauty sleep.

Do moisturise, everyday – it sounds so simple and obvious, but I would put money on it that I am not the only one that skips the moisturiser thinking ‘well i’m going to be covered up anyway’. So this weekend set aside some time and go through your full summer skincare regime; scrub, shower, shave (you know you need to) and slather on your favourite Summer moisturiser.

I challenge you all to go out of your way this week and do one of the above everyday day & share it on your Instagram feed with #keepingthatsummerglow so I can see it if you do, make sure you follow me to see how I implement them too. 

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