Ladies Night | #ZizziCreates

We all have those days (and months) where all we want to do is go home, hide away from the world and shut out all our problems. Those are the days you need to call upon your friends and head out for Pizza, Prosecco and Puddings!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Zizzi in Leeds along with a handful of other bloggers and the gorgeous Em Sheldon to try out their new Spring menu, cocktails and of course the infamous Skinny Prosecco.

Up until this point I think it would be fair to say that I was having a real crisis of confidence with this little blog of mine and starting to feel a little lost a bewildered by it all. But spending an evening with such strong, inspiring and like-minded ladies really helped me to get back on track.

We got to know one another over a glass (or two) of Skinny Prosecco, sharing our University stories and how it had helped mold us into the people we are today. It was so nice to hear of other peoples experiences and to learn that maybe I wasn’t the only one who didn’t enjoy the whole experience. I totally believe that University isn’t for everyone and whilst I know I learnt a lot from my time there, maybe in hindsight I would have done things differently… But wouldn’t we all?

Over cocktails (or mocktails in my case as I was driving) we chatted about life in general, how we met our respective partners, the things we girls make guys do to win us over and of course the things they do that make us fall in love with them a little bit more.

Nibbling on Prawn Zucchini Bites and sharing Bruschetta, we put the world to rights and talked about everything from what true friendship meant to us, where we had been on our travels and where we want long to see. It was lovely to talk with like-minded ladies who appreciated the importance of having a supportive network around you, that had endured similar bad experiences with ‘cliquey’ girls who walk around in their tribes belittling others to make themselves feel better and that had the same hopes and fears.

By the time the desserts came out we’d spent almost three hours catching up like old friends and I remembered why I started this site in the first place; to share experiences like this with likeminded people. The thing is it doesn’t matter if you have known someone for just a few hours or for as long as you can remember, spending time ‘switched off’ like this really can be the best medicine when your brain is in a little bit of a tangle.

Aside from the amazing Vegan Bruschetta & Pizza, the uber tasty Passionfruit Mocktails and the unbelievably dairy free Sticky Chocolate & Praline Torte, the thing that made this night magical were the girls I shared it with. So next time you feel like you’re going round the twist (yeah I went there), grab some girlfriends, head to your nearest Zizzi and put the world to rights over some fantastic treats.

You won’t be disappointed! 

When did you last catch up with your ‘tribe’? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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