Letting Go & Moving On

This year could almost be described as a year of self discovery for me really. I started the year as I have the majority of my time on this planet with little direction and no real aim or purpose in life but I’m ending it feeling highly motivated and knowing what I want to do over the next 12 months.

I am ending 2016 on a high and feeling as though I have a major psychological breakthrough this year. I feel as though my blog and content has reached another level over the last 12 months – I have worked with more brands, attended more events and met more people than I could have dreamed of at the start of the year and my confidence has grown through the opportunities that have come my way.

My proudest moment of the year by far is that fact that one of you lovelies (I’m still surprised that anyone actually reads my posts, never mind the thousands of you that clearly do) nominated me for a UK Blog Award for Sports & Fitness! There’s still a few more days to wait to see if I managed to get shortlisted or not but I feel like a winner already in all honesty.

Moments like these may seem small and almost insignificant to others, but to me they mean the world and they help me to progress and grow not only as a blogger but in confidence in my self too.

Away from blogging, 2016 has has been the year in which I have really began to tackle my food demons. I’ve known for a long time that my relationship with food and my body was not a healthy one, I’ve binged, starved and abused it for 32 years and denied myself on too many occasions in search of the ‘perfect’ body as opposed to a healthy one. 

I have finally recognised that all too often I struggle to control myself and either become to restrictive or not restrictive enough. There is no happy medium. I also try to find comfort in food when times are hard and even though I know full well it will be a short term solution that usually leaves me feeling worse in the long run.

Recognising this is a turning point and just the start, this Christmas I feel like I have take massive strides forward even though I’ve had a few shaky moments I know I’ve been better than in previous years.

In 2017 I am going to keep on getting to know my body, how to listen to it and leave as much of the binge & emotional eating in 2016 as I can. I want to be able to nourish and reward my body more, to learn more about what our bodies need to progress and grow. I want to take better care of my wellbeing and encourage all of you to take more time out for you too by sharing my experiences.

Next year I want (and hope, and pray) to continue to grow my little corner of the internet and to create even better, higher quality and more engaging content for you all. I want to once again increase my following & readership figures (I’m aiming once again to double those that I start the year with) and to collaborate with more of my fellow bloggers and brands too.

Another aim for 2017 (and quite possibly my main priority when it comes to HarmonyBlaze) is to concentrate on the quality of the content I put out there, not the amount of it. I want to produced and publish content that engages, excites and educates people as well as entertaining them and if that means publishing less then so be it.

Essentially in 2017 I want to be everything I have been in 2016, but a better version of it.

I want to continue being passionate about what I do and to continue fuelling this passion by working hard, by going that extra mile and by focusing on improving with every step I take. I want to say yes more, devote more time to opening my mind and eyes and to travel more.

I don’t want to finish 2017 with any regrets in the same way that I am refusing to finish 2016 with any too, everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff so never regret the tough times, the over indulging or opportunities you turned down

Who do you want to be in 2017? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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