5 Hacks for Staying Healthy on Holiday

Practising what she preaches, Emma is doing her best to stay healthy on holiday by relaxing in the pool!

OK admission time; I am 110% in holiday mode. I know I shouldn’t be, I still have another few days in the office to contend with, but I am counting down the minutes to my trip to Barcelona. All this excitement has got me thinking about how (more often than not) when I go away any healthy habits I’ve got into go out of the window. Despite my best intentions to stay healthy on holiday.

Especially when the food, drink and weather is as good as I have been lucky to experience over the past few years!

Although I always make sure I enjoy my holidays and make the most of them, often towards the last few days I start to feel a little guilty for enjoying myself a little too much and dread that moment when I step off the plane and instantly feel 5 stone heavier. But there are a few easy ways in which you can stay healthy on holiday and I wanted to take a little time to share them with you!

Staying healthy on holiday hack number one; stay active!

Staying active doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym hard, pre-burn off all those delicious gelato filled calories and be walking out of there looking like you’ve been for a swim. Why not take a stroll around the twin in which you’re staying? In Porto Mr D and I pretty much walked EVERYWHERE and we were racking up 20000 steps a day through exploring, in Thailand we went trekking and kayaking and in Gran Canaria I took part in Yoga almost everyday.

If I’m honest, in the past few years whilst I have been on holiday I have been to the gym maybe 3 times and I’m AOK with that because I have been staying active in other ways.

Staying healthy on holiday hack number two; stay mindful!

As I mentioned above, in Gran Canaria I was lucky enough to take part in a Yoga session every morning and I honestly have never felt more chilled and zen than I did there. But I am not saying that you need to become some kind of zen guru whilst you’re on holiday!

Taking just a little time each day to stay mindful and enjoy some ‘you time’ is enough – this could be listening to your favourite positivity podcast, taking 5 minutes out at the end of the day to watch the sunset (or at the stat of the day for sunrise if you’re an early bird) or even just a little journaling. Making time for a little mindfulness each day will help you keep your mind healthy as well as your body.

Staying healthy on holiday hack number three; stay hydrated!

I always find this the hardest thing to do when I’m on holiday because I am a sucker for a cold beer / cocktail on holiday, but staying hydrated is one of the most easiest ways to keep that healthy feeling on holiday.

Luckily in Thailand the hotel provided bottled water in the room which meant that Mr D & could keep water by our beds on a night, have a fresh bottle in a morning before we headed for breakfast and to take to the pool too if we wanted. It’s always a good idea to take a re-usable bottle on holiday too … I have one of these durable AF Chilly’s water bottles and I always take it on adventures with me!

Staying healthy on holiday hack number four; stay prepared!

Staying prepared on holiday is totally different to staying prepared at home! Staying prepared on holiday doesn’t mean making sure your outfit is ready the day before or that your meals are all planned ahead – but it can involve food.

Prepare yourself for the day ahead by getting a good night sleep – OK so this may be a little harder if you’re on a party break, but sleep deprivation often leads to over eating so if you do have a late night maybe treat yourself to a siesta to avoid those mid-afternoon munchies? You can also avoid the munchies by opting for a protein filled breakfast that will maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In Thailand I started pretty much every day with poached eggs and Chicken Sausages … and on the days I didn’t I treated myself to Eggs Benedict instead.

Too jazzy?

Staying healthy on holiday hack number five; stay sun smart!

Staying sun smart doesn’t just mean slapping on the old factor 50 at every opportunity, although that is a big part of it. But so is making sure you stay well hydrated (I’m talking water not Mojitos guys), covering up your head and also having an amazing after sun routine too.

Don’t forget to pack your favourite moisturiser to apply at the end of every day, the sun and sea can really dry out your skin and leave you feeling a little dry and crusty so a good after sun routine can help you maintain that million dollar glow! On a longer break? Pack yourself a face mask too and set aside and evening or afternoon and treat yourself to your weekly self-care routine. Your skin will really thank you for it!

What are your hacks to staying healthy on holiday? Let me know down below and I’ll catch up with you again soon x