Little Things*

If there is one thing that I love doing its people watching. Often when I find myself watching the people around me, I’m reminded of Hugh Grants monologue at the start of Love Actually where he rightly concedes that ‘love actually is all around’.

I’ve always thought Richard Curtis hit the nail on the head with that line, because when you spend a little time out from your day-to-day life, observing those going about their own you can see it.

And its always the little things that are seemingly filling the hearts of other with joy.

Yesterday I spent a little time walking around Covent Garden people watching (and shopping of course) and there were some wonderful scenes to see; there were the children watching the street entertainers with their faces full of wonder and intrigue, there were the tourists wandering around the market taking in all the sights and sounds that it had to offer and then there were the couples walking along hand in hand, simply enjoying each others company and time together.

There was no signs of angst and anguish, of toils or troubles, just happiness wherever you looked. Happiness induced by the simplest of gestures.

I love grand, lavish gestures, who doesn’t. But it will always be the little things that mean the most to me – a reassuring nod or smile, a little note to say hello or the last square of chocolate in the pack … especially if its dark chocolate!

I guess its my love of the little things that influences my style a lot of the time too.

I lean towards accessories that are light and delicate, to fabrics that are quite comforting and simple and to pieces that compliment my personality … just like this little piece that the guys at Lola Rose recently sent me. 

Friendship bracelets were always ‘my thing’ back in school, I would spend hours crafting them with friends and would often wear bundles of them at a time, stacking them up like badges of honour. Over the years I maintained the ‘layered’ look – stacking multiple bangles day-in-day out.

I sounded like some kind of musical instrument as I jangled along!

These days I prefer to keep it simple, to wear pieces that have more sentimental value to me, that flatter my personal style (not create it) and that are most importantly comfortable to wear. This little bracelet will always remind me winning my Bloggers Blog Award, of allowing myself to take chances and being brave.

They say the little things mean a lot and you know, they really do.

What are the little things that make you smile?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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*This post has been written in collaboration with Lola Rose, all thoughts and words are my own.