Live Limitless

Often in life we hold ourselves back. We limit ourselves with fear and often place restrictions on ourselves in order to live a life that we think is the one that we should or must in order to ben happy. But what happens if we live life without limits?

I’m a bugger for living life under restrictions and to some extent I enjoy living life that way.

But when it comes to fashion I often pick up the same things, in the same colours and ‘stay safe’ for fear that things won’t suit me or that heaven forbid I might look a little different. All my life I have preferred to blend in rather than standing out but recently I’ve changed my mindset regarding what I wear.

This Floral Boohoo Dress is something that I definitely wouldn’t normally pick out for myself. A few weeks ago I showed it to Mr D during ASOS’s awesome Bank Holiday sale and after getting the nod of approval I decided to act like a big girl for a change and order it.

So what scared me about this dress? 

I was so worried that the pale shade of this dress would make me look a little ghostlike as I’m naturally quite pale, I was scared that the lace trim at the waist may show off my imperfect abs that I usually hide away from the world and I was slightly panicked by the length and the fact it would show off my legs.

But why? Who said that pale girls shouldn’t wear pale colours, that you mustn’t show imperfections and that if your legs aren’t as lean as a bean you have to hide them away?

I’m so glad that I decided to throw ordering this dress in the old fuck it bucket because I honest feel like a million dollars in it. It is so comfortable, it hugs me in the right places and the colour actually suits me much more than I ever could have imagined. 

The fact that it is only £20 is an absolute bonus!

There are some limits in life that we cannot do much about, there are some things that are guaranteed, but we can take away the self imposed restrictions and give ourselves the opportunity to try and be different every once in a while.

So say goodbye to your limits, be brave and live free because that is when you will be truly be happy.

Do you hold yourself back? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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