Livin La Vida Coco(nut Lane)

Back when I was just 20 years old (yes back in the good old days and the dark, distant past) a film came out that epitomised high school for many. Yes I’m talking about LiLo’s Mean Girls…

Talking about Mean Girls may seem like a strange opening to a post about one of my favourite online boutiques but bear with me, there is a reason I promise!

Coconut Lane has all the style, sass and ass of Regina George, the girl we all wanted to be growing up and these days it makes me feel ‘Classy, Sassy & a bit Bad-Assy’ thanks to it’s fantastic array of motivational wall art (because let’s face it ‘If in Doubt Tan & Pout’ is a life lesson we have all learnt), funky accessories (you can never have too many pairs of Unicorn socks) and stationary.

In recent months Coconut Lane has become my go to place for iPhone cases. I honestly don’t know what has happened to me since I got my 6s late last year, in the two years that I had my 5s I dropped it once. However, my 6s has had more encounters with the floor than my favourite pair of Kurt Geiger sandals and I have gone through just a few phone cases as a result.

My latest is from the Coconut Lane Luxe line (Olive Branch Case, £18) and it is perfect for Summer with it’s gold & turquoise Olive Branch print. Don’t worry if you don’t have a 6/6s and are sticking by your trusty 5/5s/5c instead, you can get the same case too.

But whenever I go on Coconut Lane I never leave with just a new phone cover, oh no, I always end up with a few treats in my basket too.

Of course I finally added the Unicorn Socks (£4.50) to my collection, I picked up the cutest little Triangle Bracelet (£8) because it perfectly matches a couple of necklaces that I found in Primark last Summer and even though I don’t have anyone to give it to at the minute (but it’s always good to have an emergency card stash) I also popped a Mermaid Card (£2.70) on my order as well!

Apart from the fantastic selection of products, the super speedy shipping and being able to call myself a #coconutqueen, one thing I absolutely adore about Coconut Lane is that everything is affordable making shopping ‘a right, not a privilege’.

Are you a Coconut Queen? You can grab yourself 20% at the checkout by typing ‘HarmonyBlaze20‘ in the voucher code box! 

Let me know what you pick up below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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