Love Your Leftovers

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot more about the amount of food we waste as a household. Although there are just two of us, we tend to have quite different tastes in food which can often lead to food going to waste and after watching ‘Hugh’s War on Waste’ and ‘Eat Well for Less’ recently I’ve really started to try and clamp down on the amount of food finding it’s way to landfill…

Christmas is probably the one time of year where we all go a little mad in the aisles of our favourite supermarkets and pack our fridges full of delicious treats that we probably wouldn’t eat the rest of the year and whilst treating yourself is no bad thing, the wastage that comes alongside it is.

I am a big fan of seafood, one love that Paul certainly doesn’t share with me and most of the time you will find that supermarkets only sell large packs of Prawns and Salmon, ones that would certainly last me all week but that you should really eat within a day or so of opening. With many people opting for seafood starters these days at Christmas, or platters on Boxing Day I thought I would show you my favourite recipe for using up those odds and ends you are left with.

The humble jacket potato can be perked up a little bit with a sprinkle of a herby rub such as Gordon Rhodes’ ‘Hazy Lazy Summer Sprinkle’. This Citrus & Herb sprinkle adds that little something to the simple spud, with Oregano, Basil & Sage to name just a few of the herby ingredients. Simply spritz your potato with a little olive oil and then sprinkle all over before popping into the oven. I tend to cook mine on 200C (I have a fan over FYI) for about 20 minutes and then turn it down to 170C for another 45 minutes or until nice and crisp.

Whilst your potato is busy in the oven, gather together some of your leftovers from the fridge alongside some Crème Fraiche, Natural Yoghurt or Cream and mix it all together. Personally I like to throw together equal amounts of a few ingredients (such as Prawns, Crab and Salmon as in the above picture) a dollop of Crème Fraiche or whatever you are using and then mix in some herbs to taste. If using fish for your filling I can highly recommend adding in some Lemon Zest, Dill & Pepper!

Once everything is ready, garnish with a few left over salad leaves and serve.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recipe, let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch up with you again tomorrow x

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