Making Friends, Not Alienating People

Guys, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here – I am a crap friend. Now by that I don’t mean that I am unsupportive, bitchy or a mean girl, what I mean is that I am the least contactable person on the planet.


Text me and you might be waiting days for a response, hence most people now bombard me me with messages, DMs and calls until I contact them back. It’s like a strange type of ransom-ware being installed on my phone!

I’m not like this because I’m ignorant or rude, it’s because I’m useless and a little bit socially awkward. I’m lucky in that I have a relatively large circle of friends and a couple of really good ones who I know I can always turn to when I need advice, guidance and moral support. I’m also lucky that I really do live with my best friend, yes we may drive each other insane at times (my inability to Capricorn does not help matters at all) but we make each other laugh until we cry and have always got each others backs.

But what if I didn’t have Paul? What if I didn’t have my BAE’s?

I often (possibly quite morbidly) ponder this question and whenever I do I always come to the same conclusion. That is it wasn’t for those that put up with my inept, awkward ways, I would probably be quite a lonely person. Apart from you guys of course.


Recently I was introduced to the Bumble app whilst on a girls night at Cielo Blanco (yes it really is as good as it looks and yes you need to go) in Leeds and yes, I am talking about that Bumble. The one that your friends have switched to since Tinder got all creepy and that you may have heard about on the Radio (or is it just Radio X that are obsessed?). But Bumble is way more than a dating app, it’s a friendship app too.

How amazing is that, an app that will help you find and meet like minded friends in your area! In America (in fact I think it was more specifically California) more people use Bumble to look for new friends than for a new partner… and we all know those Cali guys and gals have got life nailed don’t we?

Whilst chowing down on Superfood Tacos and Chicken Tinga Enchiladas I came to realise just how lucky I am. Lucky to have met and connected with people who can put my imperfections to one side in the name of friendship, to have so many wonderful like-minded ladies in my life to bounce ideas off and share Churros with and so many people out there that help me get through daily life in real life and also in my virtual world too.

Yes making friends as an adult can be hard and it takes longer to form friendships as an adult too as you look to surround yourself with people who make you the best version of you, who agree with your ideologies and encourage you to take those leaps of faith that scare you senseless. But sticking with it is so worthwhile.

Have you used Bumble for love or friendship? Or are you a little socially awkward like me?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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