Manahatta Moments

I think by now you will have all of got the fact that I am no party animal and in fact tend to be a bit of a granny when it comes to going out these days. So when I heard that the new Manahatta in Leeds offered a late brunch I just had to check it out.

If you didn’t already know, although I live in Halifax these days, I am a Leeds girl through and through. I was born there, I grew up there, I went to University there and in all honesty my heart will always be there. 

During my university days I would live in bars such as Arc & Trio in Headingley (yes I had wild days too, hard to believe I know) and I still love both of them to this day. Why? Because they’re reliable. I know what I’ll get from them; good food, good service and a fun time.

The latest Manahatta to open its doors is nestled away at the end of Leeds City Centre’s trendy Greek Street hotspot and every time I step inside I feel as though I have been transported to Gotham. I have always loved art deco styling and Manahatta combines all of the glamour of art deco with the industrial, urban chic we all associate with Manhattan itself. 

In short Manahatta is a Manhattan oasis.

I love brunching, brunching is so much better than lunching simply because there’s French Toast, Pancakes and Eggs (I’m all about the Eggs) and I always find brunch to be so much lighter. However, the downside of brunch is that I am super lazy and can never get out of the house in time to indulge in it. 

But Manahatta is a little different to other brunch places, they serve brunch until (wait for it) 4pm! Yes you can enjoy a lazy, relaxing morning and still indulge in their amazing Highline Pancake, fluffy French Toast and eggs-cellent (not sorry) Eggs Florentine.

Having craved a Pancake for a few weeks but spied the French Toast option I went all out and ordered both during our visit last weekend, whilst Paul (who wasn’t feeling very well) was craving comfort food and opted for the Eggs Florentine instead. I wasn’t jealous at all and didn’t wish I’d ordered a third dish in the slightest!

I honestly cannot explain just how good the food at Manahatta is. I am very used to French Toast (even if it is really good) being a little stodgy, really filling and a little hard work, however, the French Toast here is so light and fluffy, with just the lightest touch of pumpkin spiced sugar.

Whilst occasionally I feel I have outgrown venues such as Arc & Trio, I think I have found a new favourite in Manahatta; you get the same amazing service, fantastic food and delicious drinks (their cocktail menu is to die for and I can highly recommend the Cucumber Cooler), in the heart of the City.

I really enjoyed my #ManahattaMoment and will certainly keep going back for more.

Do you prefer brunch or lunch?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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