My 2014 Review

So as this year I will be spending NYE in my slippers as opposed to a LBD, I thought that I would do a 2014 review instead of a lookbook. If you want to see more snaps from my year make sure you visit my Instagram page, but here is my year in 12 Insta’s.

January – The highlight of January for me had to be my 30th Birthday. I tend to opt for staying in on my birthday as it’s so close to the uber expensive Christmas & NY period that people can’t always afford to go out for a nice meal, also it’s usually far too cold for me to be bothered. I loved my black and white snap of everyone eating in the kitchen!

February – After a random ombre phase late last year my poor hair became so brittle that it mas now little more than shoulder length so when my friend offered to do my extensions for me I jumped at the chance. Everyone loves my hair when it’s darker but I’m not so sure, how about you?

March – After a busy start to the year March saw the weather lift and enough space in the diary to get outdoors. Living close the moors means that views like this are never far away and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

April – In April we decided to have a long weekend away in Edinburgh, somewhere I had never been before but would love to go back to soon. We had three day’s in this amazing city, seeing the sites, shopping and relaxing. My highlight? It would have to be seeing the Panda’s at the Zoo, they were just so amazing to watch and I fell in love with their playful nature. However, I really enjoyed sitting in the park beneath the castle and the gun salute and  amazing hotel in the theatre district.

May – 13.1 Miles of sheer torture, okay slight over exageration it was the last 3 miles that really hurt! The Leeds Half Marathon was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again in 2015. I was so impressed with managing it it under 3 hours on my frist attempt and as long as I go slightly quicker in 2015 I’ll be happy with that as well!

June – June was my summer. After all of the hard work in the build up to the marathon in June I headed over for a few days in France for the Le Mans 24 Hour WEC Race and then for 7 days in Agia Napa with friends. I’m not sure what I expected from Agia Napa, but it certainly wasn’t the gorgeous and tranquil Nissi Beach or the amazing restaurants and bars that can be found along the main road that runs parrallel to the seafront.

July –  Le Tour came to Yorkshire and passed only a few miles from my house. On the morning of Sunday 6th July I got up early, prepared a picnic, grabbed a blanket and headed over to Oxenhope Moor. This spot really is in the middle of nowhere and it was still busy! We had to wait a few hours after getting there until the riders passed but it was warm enough and definitely worth it to be able to say I was there. 

August – I am a big Rugby League fan and I had followed my beloved Leeds to Wembley 3 years running (10/11/12) and seen them come away empty handed. It’s a long journey back with no silverwear. This year we finally got our hands on the prize and had a fantastic day out in London with the family. 

September – When I was little I used to go to Blackpool every Autumn to see the illuminations, a group of friends and I tried last year but we got over late on Saturday night and it was just too busy. So this year we tried again. I still haven’t seen them. This year there was an incident on the tram line that stopped all trams from running. I did get to see some around the tower area and had fish and chips so it wasn’t a complete failure. Bettter luck next year!

October – Aside from relaunching my blog, October saw us heading to Wales for a few days in the countryside. It was such a wonderful place and so pituresque. I can’t wait to get one of the waterfall photos printed to put in my new frame from Santa.

November – My favourite restaurant in Leeds is Fazenda and luckily my boyfriend loves it too as we headed there for his birthday at the end of November. Fazenda is Brazillian Rodizio Bar & Grill and for just £29.20 per person you can sample as much as you from the amazing salad bar and the 15 different cuts of meat on offer including beef, chicken, pork and lamb. 

December – Christmas day was unbelievable this year and i still can’t get over what I found under the tree. I loved seeing all of our family and can’t wait to spend NYE with friends, eating Pizza and having a laugh.

Have a fabulous 2015,