My Be Happy Post

I made a little reference to Deck the Halls the other night and then it dawned on me that sometimes being happy can be the hardest thing in the world for some people, especially at Christmas. I’ve pretty much spent the whole year singing Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and here are five handy, happiness hints.

Excuse the picture, but when I was looking for a picture that said ‘happy’ to me this one stood out! Here are just a few things that I try to do to make myself a little happier;

Meditate – This doesn’t have to be a deep & meaningful, major commitment before you start to worry. I use the Headspace Mindfulness Meditation app on my iPhone on an evening. Just 10 minutes away from the world, unwinding and decoding helps me to gain clarity and perspective. 

Sleep – I use the MotionX iPhone app to monitor my sleep patterns. Meditating before bed definitely helps but also limiting the use of electronics in bed and making sure you go off the grid for about 30 minutes before trying to sleep can really help. Sleep deprivation can be a vicious circle, you over analyse, worry and stress yourself out & it can become harder to sleep. Switch off, relax & re-charge.

Be Grateful – A friend of mine introduced me to the law of the attraction a few years ago and I fully believe in it 100%. Taking time out each day to be grateful for what you have now & what you will have in the future can not only inspire you but is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Be grateful for your achievements, friends, family, possessions, experiences … Everything!

Exercise – Take it out on the treadmill, the punch bag or the leg press! Exercise helps promote happy hormone release, improves your health and gives you an opportunity to escape the world for a short time each day.

Make Time – For your friends & family, that saying all work and no play has a lot of truth in it. Spending time with friends doesn’t have to be expensive, fire up the Wii for a night of bowling or even just spend time putting the world to rights over a takeaway.

How do you make yourself be happy?