My Best Year Yet + Beauty Balls

Month one of the Neal’s Yard Remedies ‘My Best Year Yet’ was all about detoxing; revitalising yourself and regaining that lost glow that we all misplace from time-to-time throughout the Winter months…

…One aspect that I was particularly drawn to of the NYR detox month was the diet & lifestyle ‘purification’ and the benefits that it could potentially bring my way. I knew that neither the digital or dietary detox would be easy for me; starting in January, I had become accustomed to the more than occasional sweet treat over the festive period and upped my social media game to generate more site traffic. However, I knew it was for the best.

I began by cutting down gradually those ‘treats’ that had become a daily fixture, replacing them with more greens, grains and seeds over a few weeks, I increased my intake of water and got myself moving more to improve my circulation, I gave my organs a helping hand with the thanks to some of NYR Organic Greens Complex and I made sure that I didn’t punish myself for cleaning up my act.

It’s very important to lead a lifestyle that you can maintain and I am a big believer in the 80:20 rule. Occasionally I will go 100% all out fitness fanatic in order to reach a goal, but for me this wouldn’t be sustainable all year round. I like to lie in, eat popcorn and drink Gin too much.

Those lovely people at NYR very kindly gave me all of the larder ingredients I would need to create their amazing ‘Beauty Balls‘ and I have found that these curb any cravings I may have after tea or when I get in from the gym and need an instant bite.

Not only are these little mouthfuls of heaven filled with antioxidants and energy, the Chia seeds will help you feel satisfied for longer, they’re made from 100% clean, wholesome ingredients and are a total doddle to make.

The Cacao & Medjool Dates make these sweet and rich, the Almonds are a great source of Protein, whilst the Coconut Oil will help boost your energy levels.

I think I’ve got the dietary detox down with these little beauties, now it’s time to learn to switch off, boost my immunity and sleep better!

Are you enjoying your best year yet or digital detox queen?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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