My Better Blogger Manifesto

This morning when I woke up one of the first things that I stumbled upon online was Alice Spake’s ’18 Things I Miss About the Old Blogging World’. Never has a post resonated with me so much. I had already started to put this post together and it gave me the kick I needed to finish it.

Photography by Paul Dickenson at the Ancient Olympic Stadium, Rhodes | Dress by Boohoo for ASOS | Wedges by Superdry | Clutch by Next (previous season)

Back in the good old days of blogging, before Olympus Pen’s and algorithms became the norm, we would pend our evenings using Twitter to network with one another, to chat and exchange success stories. Now it seems as though Twitter has become just another platform for bitching and backstabbing.

What happened to celebrating the successes of others?

I got thinking about all of this whilst I was on holiday this year. Maybe it was because I wasn’t spending as much time online, maybe it was reading Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete whilst reminiscing about the good old days in my head or maybe, just maybe it was witnessing yet another drama blowing up online. But either way reading Alice’s latest post this morning really made me think about the direction that blogging has gone in – all editorial quality images, magazine-esque layouts and Instagram themes.

I want new bloggers to have the same experiences that I did in the beginning, to feel the enjoyment of logging on at 7pm for the latest Twitter chat, of that snapshot take on your iPhone getting 150+ likes for the first time (to be honest getting that on any photo would be good right now) and to not feel obliged to do anything.

So here is my ‘better blogger’ manifesto for the future;

To not choose the topics for the chats I host but to run polls for them instead.

To take part in more Twitter chats and to engage more with the blogging community.

To celebrate hitting my next milestone (300) on Bloglovin‘ with not one, not two but THREE MAC lipsticks (using Rafflecopter of course), throwing it back and paying homage to the good old days.

To spend more time seeking out and connecting with new accounts on Instagram defeating the algorithm and supporting others.

To make more time reading and commenting on other blogs, finding new people to follow and then clicking on that affiliate link for the latest beauty box to hit the web.

To post more #ootd / #wiwt posts each day, hailing back to those days where I would take a quick bus stop selfie on the way to work!

To stop trying to find my niche and roll with it.

To be more present online as opposed to just promoting – I’m an approachable kinda gal I promise, come talk to me.

To never feel pressurised into posting because its a posting day and to worry less about my online presence and more about my IRL one.

In all honesty I could have written a much longer list, I mean I haven’t even started on photo editing or buying followers, but I think that by getting the basics right then the rest will just fall into place … right?

What do you think about the state of the ‘blogosphere’ today? Is there any other basics we could go back to? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though xxx


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