My Blogging Reality

Back in 2014 I rediscovered my love of blogs and vlogs whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed, stumbling across a blog written by a fellow Northern beauty. Her site was filled to the brim with information, inspiration and indigo locks.

I am of course talking about InTheFrow. Her down to earth charm, passion and enthusiasm for blogging really shone through in her blogs and vlogs and it got me thinking about my failed attempt at blogging a few years earlier. It had only lasted a few months before it fizzled out and disappeared without a trace and let’s be honest here, nobody would have noticed either.

I wanted to start back up but my head was filled with questions. Although at the time I only followed one blog myself I was well aware that there were so many blogs out there in the blogosphere (I know, I’m so cliche – sue me) already and I was really worried that nobody would read it. But I wanted to do something for me and if just one took something away from my site then it would be worthwhile.

These days I cannot imagine life without my little corner of the internet (ok I know sphere’s don’t have corners), without sitting down with the laptop whenever I get spare moment or grabbing my phone and scrolling through Social Media feeds a million times a day. Blogging has become more than just something that I do, it has become a part of who I am and an even bigger part of who I want to be.

I can’t deny that it has been hard work and I don’t want to oversell myself here (I’m a pretty small fish in the sea) but I am so proud of what HarmonyBlaze has become. I started out writing about what I knew best at the time; makeup, skincare and everyday life and now I’m sharing tales of my fitness journey, where I’ve been and modelling the latest Fabletics swimwear on the beach in North Yorkshire.

I’ve experienced the lows of being a content creator, seeing my numbers become stagnant, my followers fall away for no reason and cried on more than one occasion. But I have also experienced the highs of being a blogger, the kindness and encouragement of the others caught up in the blogosphere as well, knowing that what I am doing is touching the lives of others in some way and having a group of people behind me whenever I need them.

I really can’t write about my blogging reality without mentioning my ‘Instagram Husband’ who endures my demands for outfit pics when I feel ‘on fleek’ (yes I went there), patiently waits for me to grab a picture of our meal before digging in and never questions why I do what I do, when others around me fail to understand my love affair with the internet.

Over time my content has changed and I’d like to think that it has grown and evolved with me as a person, as I have found my feet in the world and discovered what I love doing the most and I hope you guys still enjoy as much today as you did back back in 2014. I just want to be me on here and I guess I owe you all a million thank you’s for allowing me to be just that.

What’s your blogging reality? Is there anything you want to see more or less of on here? 
Let me know what you pick up below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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