My Boho Bank Holiday Look

I’ve never really got on with the Boho-chic trends that really came to the forefront of fashion thanks to Sienna Miller back in the mid-naughties. I think I’m just the wrong shape to pull it off in all honest and don’t get me wrong I think that Sienna and the likes of Zooey Deschanel totally rock their looks, it’s just a style I have never really got on with.

But I do love long shirts (despite the fact until now I didn’t have any in my wardrobe) and paisley scarf prints, so when I spotted this shirt in the current InTheStyle I just had to try it. I’m pretty glad I did too!

I don’t think I would wear it as a dress as per the description on the website, but I love it teamed with a nice pair of skinny jeans and heels or over a pair or short in the warmer weather. The print is really nice and vibrant yet not too in your face thanks to the abundance of un coloured sections, it’s a really nice fit and the material is light enough for summer without being sheer. Oh and another bonus is that the Peach Club Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick goes with the top perfectly!

Maybe this is the start of a more boho inspired wardrobe for me? 

InTheStyle have three featured trends on their site at the moment; Tropical, Candy & Boho, what’s your favourite one? I have a wish-list as long as my are at the moment! Let me know your favourite trend & thoughts below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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