My Commitment to 2018

I’m not a massive believer in the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ thing these days, over the years I have learnt that the majority of new years resolutions only lead to me feeling down and disappointed by the time Valentines comes around. Why? Because I’m a hard person to please when it comes to personal achievements.

That’s why these days I don’t set ‘resolutions’ as such, instead I like to ‘goal set’ and give myself things to work towards over the year ahead, things that won’t me feel down about myself if I haven’t managed them in the first few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have those goals as well (the short-term aesthetic and scale based ones) but I want to move towards living a little bit more consciously and meaningfully too.

I have started to realise that there is absolutely no point in working hard to look and feel good physically, if mentally I feel drained and/ or overwhelmed.

But what overwhelms me? The fact that we are killing this planet we call home and that very little is being done about by the powers that be, that sometimes I feel that people expect a lot from me and that I can’t give them the time or attention that they need (and often deserve) and that sometimes I don’t think that I give myself the respect that I need to function properly.

Wow, this post got deep quickly didn’t it?

I actually sat down in late November an started to put together a list of things that I wanted to work on in 2018, so these are not spur of the moment decisions or things that I am taking lightly. They are serious changes that I want to make to my life over the next 12 months in order to improve not only my life, but also the lives of those around me too.

Meat-Free Mondays … I’ve never been afraid to try Vegetarian or Vegan dishes in the past, in fact I often order them when eating out as I know that I will enjoy them just as much (and sometimes a lot more) than their meat containing counterparts. However, this year I will be skipping meat on Monday’s not only to see if it has any positive effects on my health & wellbeing, but also because I feel that even such a small action could promote a positive reaction when it comes to the world that we live in. Meat-Free Monday’s are something new (to me) that I want to try and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all.

Live Consciously … I want to hold my hands up and be honest now for a second, I have been so wasteful in my (almost) 34 years on this planet. I am a bugger for buying things with the intention of eating them or just throwing things in the usual rubbish bin because it is easier than going out to the recycling bin. But it is actions like these that have got our planet into the state it is in today, that is contributing to global warming and filling our oceans with toxins and plastics.

I am determined to make a difference, to make a change and that is going to start with plastics – by making sure that I remember that bag for life in the boot of the car when I run into the supermarket on a night, by using a reusable bottle for my water both in work and at home and by saying no to disposable cutlery on a lunchtime.

Practice Self-Care … I totally believe that self-care is something that we should all invest a little more time in. We spend so much of our daily lives dashing around, commuting from a-to-b and meeting deadlines that we don’t end up spending much time on ourselves.

Opening our minds to new thoughts and theories, enriching our souls through new experiences and conditioning our bodies to be able to stand up to the stresses of everyday life.

Years ago, I would have a bath every Sunday evening instead of a shower. It was something that I would really enjoy and look forward to, yet it isn’t something that I can remember doing at all in 2017 (except for when I was really unwell). I seem to have forgotten about myself along the way somehow, somewhere in the midst of trying to please people that could not be pleased and that is something that I really need to change.

In 2018, I will concentrate my efforts on those who clap loudly and proudly when I shout out about something I have to celebrate and spend the time that I save by no longer wasting time and effort on those that only want me when it suits them, on myself.

I will start to take those lazy Sunday baths again, meditate more (it is something that I did several times in Gran Canaria and felt so much better for) and go back to incorporating more Yoga into my life. I will no longer just solely follow the advice of others that I should do more cardio or more weights and concentrate on doing what my body needs to do. If it needs to run, I’ll run. If it needs to lift, I’ll lift and if it needs to do a little Yoga flow, I’ll flow.

Nobody knows your body better than you, so don’t try an let people mould you into themselves.

Do you.

These are just the three most important things I want to try and/ or achieve (aside from career and life goals which this year I’m going to be keeping a little more private) in 2018 and in all honesty I could keep on going because there are habits I would like to snap out of, fears I want to overcome and new things I want to learn over the 12 months as well. But in the interest of not overwhelming myself I think I’ll stop here … for now.

What are you making a commitment to do more or less of in 2018? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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