My Cooking Solo Post

As you may have already guessed I spend a lot of time home alone these days now that my other half has started work in the North East which means that I have become accustomed to ‘cooking solo’ on a regular basis. Whilst it can be appealing to grab a ping meal for one from the supermarket, crack open a tin of soup or simply indulge in beans on toast, these are often full of sugar, overloaded with salt and to be quite honest who knows what else!

So I have learned how to cook for one and it is a lot easier than it seems, as with any other meal I make it takes thought and preparation and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can no longer have your favourite meals. My Nan cooked for herself well into her 90’s and regularly enjoyed a nice pork chop with all the trimmings, so why can’t I? I’m 31 for crying out loud, I should be able to look after myself by now!

Every Sunday morning I sit down with my food planner for the week and look at what I need for my breakfast, lunch, tea (yes us Northerners refer to dinner as tea you know, it isn’t just a hot beverage… and don’t get me started on teacakes!) and then look at what I already have in. Most of the time it is only the fresh ingredients that I need to stock up on as I tend to use a lot of ingredients (such as oats, raisins & seeds for breakfast) so when I head to the supermarket I have a clear plan of attack, I know what I need, where it is and I can get in, fill my basket and get out as quick as possible.

One of my favourite evening meals for one is a very easy Med Veg Pasta dish that I serve with either a piece of grilled chicken or fish, it is super easy to make and is one of those throw it in dishes that can utilise whatever you have to hand! If you fancy trying this yourself you will need…

–          ½ Courgette

–          ½ Red/ Yellow Pepper

–          ½ Green Chilli

–          1 Shallot

–          1 Clove of Garlic

–          Handful Spinach

–          ½ Tin Chopped Tomatoes

–       Spaghetti (I use Brown Rice Pasta as it is Gluten Free but you can use whatever you like & could have rice or even Sweet Potato instead)

I simply slice all of the veggies up and toss them into a frying pan with teaspoon of Coconut oil until they are soft and then add in the chopped tomatoes & pre-cooked pasta and leave to simmer just for a few moments until piping hot.

This dish takes no time at all and you can easily use garlic salt or chilli powder instead of the fresh ingredients if you prefer or add in extra seasoning like Basil or Thyme to make it that little bit fuller in flavour. I’ve even made this for my non-veggie loving boyfriend and he loves it as much as I do!

I guess what I am getting at is that no matter how many you’re cooking for, it can always be fun, interesting, tasty and best of all good for you. So put down that takeaway menu and put the ping meal back in the freezer and get cooking, you know you want to!

Age UK have some great tips on their website on how to adjust to and simply how to cook for one which you can check out here and after looking at these, it seems I’m on the right tracks already!

Are you a solo chef? Or are you the convenience queen? I’d love to hear from you below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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