My Current Blogging Essentials

As a relatively new blogger, I’m really starting to feel as though I have found my feet recently and that I have the right kit on hand to enable me to keep this site on track. Obviously there are a few extras that I would love to get my hands on, but here are my current blogging essentials.

Diary – I try to have this with me at all times! You may remember that I picked this up from Paperchase back in November and I have found it so useful since the start of the year. I mainly use it to plan my blog posts out, test and activities but I have all of the usual birthdays and appointments in here too. 

Camera – I use three different ones at the moment! For everyday pictures and Instagram I of course use my iPhone 5s, however, I do also have use of a Panasonic TZ10 which I have started to use more for these as well. When it comes to product images I use the Panasonic Lumix GH1 which is a fantastic DSLR. I’ve found his really easy to use and been impressed with the image quality it produces even when used by an amature like me!

Laptop/ iPad – When it comes to writing posts, scheduling or image editing I use either my iPad & wireless keyboard or the MacBook Pro with varying pieces of software. On the iPad I use PicsArt & Hootsuite and on the MacBook Fotor & TweetDeck. Again I find all of these really easy to use and they’re pretty similar platforms, I like Hootsuite a little more as I can use it to post to Facebook as well, but Fotor & PicsArt are very similar.

Phone – I use this all the time for Twitter & Bloglovin’, socialising with other bloggers and keeping an eye on here as well. Plus on those occasions that I don’t have my diary with me the notes app comes in very useful.

I’m sure you don’t need all of the above and essentially if you have a camera of any kind whether it be a DSLR or a Camera Phone and a laptop you have everything that you need to get blogging. Of the above the only investment I have had to make has been in my diary. Hosting sites such as Blogger are free and you can customise basic templates yourself by reading up and playing around with the settings.

What are your blogging essentials?

Hope this helps,