My Daily Fitness Journal

Back at the start of the year I featured this within the first ‘My Heart Desires‘ of 2015 and after much umming and ahhing over it I finally decided that the Daily Greatness Journal would be a good addition to my healthy lifestyle armoury.

I’ve just got to the end of the first of my ’12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body’ and I must say I feel like I have a lot more focus and perspective on what matters to me and I will do another feature on this at the end to let you know how I got on.

One thing I would say that it has really done for me so far is making me a lot more mindful of what I putting into my body. I have definitely identified so far that my major downfalls are not drinking enough water ( glasses seems like an uphill struggle) and snacking in the office.

Before embarking on your 12 week journey there is an opportunity to reflect and set targets and the journal even doubles as a bit of a planner so you know how fit your fitness in around your lifestyle. Perfect.

The Daily Greatness Training Journal is just £29.95 and mine only took a few days to arrive once ordered. So far I am loving this and to top off it’s greatness it’s bright pink too!

Let me know if you have or intend to do this too, I’d love to hear your thoughts.