My Date Night at Reds True BBQ

‘Let There Be Meat’ is a saying that has become synonymous with Reds True BBQ since they first opened the doors of worship in Leeds in 2012 (forgive me if I’m wrong). Since then they have opened 3 more restaurants, been on Sunday Brunch and gained a cult following including super foodie Adam Richman.

This is a restaurant that I absolutely love. The guys who own this place really know their stuff when it comes to prime cuts of meat that are smoked so low and slow so that they melt in your mouth. When the Leeds restaurant first opened it’s doors at the top of the buzzing Call Lane area of the City Centre BBQ was something that the people of Leeds did in their back gardens on those rare sunny Sunday afternoons, not what they went out to eat!

Understandably there is always a wait on a Friday & Saturday night (we only had an hour to kill) and the Leeds outlet doesn’t have a waiting area. Some might see this as a down side but not me. It’s a great opportunity to grab a quick drink in one of Leeds’ many bars (try 1871 on Boar Lane, The Botanist, Alchemist or 360 Champagne & Cocktails in the awesome Trinity shopping centre).

Back to Reds – decked out in true old American fashion with exposed wood and brick everywhere you look and dimly lit you really get the feeling you could be anywhere in the deep South US – not the cold North of England! As a True Believer and regular worshiper at the home of meat, we have a loyalty card (ask for yours, they’re ace) which meant that we could enjoy the temporary return of the Pulled Meat Nachos to start followed by the iconic ‘Pit Burger’ (think of an explosion in a meat factory, sandwiched in a Brioche Bun, glued together with melted cheese and topped with a giant onion ring) and I opted for something new ‘The Sleepy James’.

Now stupidly I ordered this with 2 sides as the Cornbread and Skin on Fries at Reds are divine and I would honestly feel like I had cheated myself I didn’t have them every time I visit. This sandwich is not for the faint hearted or for those with a small appetite as it is huge. Stuffed between two sweet waffles you will find two southern fried chicken burgers that are so tasty and tender, peppered bacon, lettuce, slaw, cheese and the most amazing ranch sauce I have ever tasted. All washed down with their Jamaican take on the famous Mojito.

I could go on all day about how good this place is, but honestly I think you just need to go for yourself! Visit to start your journey.

Are you a bbq believer? Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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