My December

Happy December everyone! Be prepared for blog posts full of festive cheer, bad jokes and song lyrics over the next 31 days as I get into the festive spirit. It’s time to take a look a what December has in store for me this year.

It’s time for … Blogmas!!! Oh my word, why am I putting myself through this again?! I didn’t manage to post every day last December (although I came pretty close) and so this year I am even more determined. I have a post planned for everyday right through to New Years day, including three videos, eek! Make sure you hit the Bloglovin’ button to the right so you don’t miss anything!

It’s time for … Friends!!! With three Christmas parties on the horizon, I’ll be spending lots of time with friends this month. I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next few weeks and eating some very yummy food, however, I am determined not to drink or eat too much this December as I have a bikini to wear in January!

It’s time for … Family!!! Although we should need any excuse to see our nearest and dearest, Christmas really does give us one. One thing I really love about the festive season is spending quality time with everyone and I have a girlie afternoon planned with my mum, Christmas with the in-laws and big family Boxing Day lunch to look forward too!

It’s time for … Santa!!! I couldn’t do a December post without mentioning the jolly old dud could I?! I’m pretty certain I know a fair few presents I’ll find under the tree this year already, but that won’t stop me running down to open them on Christmas Day!

It’s time to … Say Goodbye 2015!!!  This year has been a strange one, but also an absolutely amazing one. I’m so pleased with what I have managed to achieve this year, where I have been and what I have seen and I can’t wait for the next chapter to begin!

I have a pretty standard month in store, with a few little highlights I’m looking forward to. In addition to Blogmas I am going to be doing Snapmas, which OK could be an epic failure, but I’m willing to give it a go and you can follow me at ‘HarmonyBlazeBlog’.

Blogmas posts are up everyday this month at 6.30pm (GMT) so I will catch up with you again tomorrow, until them though x

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