My December …

I can’t believe that I totally forgot to post this! December is possibly my favourite month of the year. I love the cosy evenings in, the unforgettable nights out and most of all the sparkle!

This is my December, my favourite things about the month and what I will (or may already have) be(en) getting up to over the next few weeks…

1 – Decking The Halls – December 1st is my annual trip up to the loft to get out the Christmas boxes, trim up the tree and generally add a little bit of sparkle and light to the house. I try to make sure that the decorations match in with the colour scheme of the room they’re in and make a few additions to the collection each year.

2 – Christmas Parties – I have quite a few of these lined up with work, friends and neighbours over the coming weeks and I love nothing more than getting dressed up, having a good meal and a few drinks whilst catching up. Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with a few faces that I don’t get to see as often as well over the festive period.

3 – Shopping – I’m female so of course I love shopping, but there is something extra special about the occasion when you’re shopping for other people. I’ve already got a few bits & pieces stashed away and will be getting the remainder next week on my annually late night visit to Leeds with my mum. People think it’s a little last minute going the week before Christmas but you can find some brilliant bargains and there’s less time for the person you’re treating to go out and buy it for themselves!

4 – Christmas Eve – I always work Christmas Eve and I’m lucky that being office based we get send home quite early, so it leaves plenty of time for last minute supermarket dashes, present wrapping and preparation for the days ahead. This year I’m planning on a Pizza Express lunch, a little walk & prosecco tea! 

5 – Christmas Day/ Boxing Day – We spend Christmas day at my boyfriends parents, it’s always really nice because his mum makes an amazing lunch and his family are all there. This year they’ve moved house and I love their new dining room so I can’t wait to see it all decorated on Christmas day. Boxing Day is Rugby Day. The annual Festive Challenge at Headingley before Turkey & Chips at his Gram’s is always a fun day. 

These are just my highlights but there are so many other things I love about December; the first snowfall (hopefully), Christmas jumpers, winter Cocktails, the adverts… the list goes on.

What are your favourite things about the month?

Happy Holidays