My Empties Post – Volume 2

So recently we decided to redecorate the bathroom which in turn led to a little bit of a clear out of my make up shelves and inevitably finding one or two empties hidden away that hadn’t quite found their way to that great big makeup mage in the sky…

One that I appeared in my last empties post was too was the amazing Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve which, yes you’ve guessed it, I’ve managed to get through another of. I found that this shade gives the perfect summer glow to the cheeks and just makes you look so healthy it’s untrue.

I know that in the beauty world face wipes are often frowned upon and considered a big no, no. But I have used them since before I even really used makeup and I’ve always stuck by one brand, Simple. These Radiance ones are my favourites and I just love getting in from the gym on a night and quickly freshening my face up by giving it a wipe with one of these before tea. I then use my cleanser & toner before bed to finish my routine off.

I am often one of these people that doesn’t really stick by the same product for very long and so having another three makeup items in here feels like quite the feat! The Soap & Glory Archery Pencil is by the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, the colour is perfect, it offers unbeatable precision and it has some serious lasting power (I’m talking 42 degrees, sun cream and a lot of perspiring type lasting power). This has already been repurchased and proudly sitting in my bathroom.

When it comes to concealer I thought it was worth venturing out and trying a new one out when it came to replacing my favourite Urban Decay one a few months ago and the Rimmel Wake Me Up didn’t disappoint, it really does make me look more alert and it definitely disguises my tired peepers on a morning! For now I’m just using my old favourite MAC but I do need to try another drugstore one out, any suggestions?

Ah Hoola, I buy you every summer in duty free and you never fail to make me look tanned, appear to have an even complexion and generally be more awesome. This is by far my favourite bronzer on the planet (yes to me this trumps Nars and Soap &  Glory every time) it isn’t shimmery, overly orange or cakey and just works for me. This is actually last summers purchase and another one came back from Italy with me to take over it’s place on my shelf.

Finally a little bit of a random choice. I found these cotton pads in a drugstore in Sorrento and they were just €1 and by far the best I have ever used. They were just so soft, the perfect size and they didn’t fall apart. I wish I had either bought more or that they were available over here!

There it is, my most recent empties that haven’t disappointed and have earned their places in that great make up bag in the sky. What have you finished recently? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until though x

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