My Essie Manicure

I have more nail varnishes than i know what to do with, mainly Nails Inc or Barry M ones and I love sitting down to do my nails on an evening when I really want to relax. On a recent trip to the veritable Aladdin’s cave that s Boots I stopped and looked at the Essie stand for the first time and I was pulled in my the selection…

I picked out one of their duo sets called ‘Hey Sweetie Pie’ which included the two candy inspired shades ‘Tart Deco’ and ‘ Splash of Grenadine’. Tart Deco is a really cute, playful coral shade, whilst Splash of Grenadine is a super sweet and sugary magenta pink. These shades are really bold and perfect for the Spring and Summer months.

I chose to mix it up a little bit and use both colours on alternate nails as I couldn’t commit to using just one of the colours as I liked the look of them both so much and I was really impressed by them. The applied easily, the consistency is not too runny but also not too gloopy meaning it perfectly treads that fine line and it dries quick enough to avoid those annoying little imprints. 

Usually I find that nail varnishes on my start to chip and disintegrate on me after a few days but I got a full week out of these, the colours were strong and bold and didn’t fade and when I wanted to remove them they came off with ease.

The duo collection Hey Sweetie Pie was £12.99 and worth every penny in my eyes – I want another already!

Are you an Essie fan? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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