My Favourites – May 2015 Edition

I know I start off every months favourites post of the same but seriously this time, we’re halfway through the year! I’ve been able to try out and play around with some amazing products this month so picking out my favourites took a little time nut I think I have managed to whittle the list down to just 5…

First up is the holy grail lip product of our time, the Rachel bob of the ’10s (or however we’re referring to this decade that we live in). Ladies and gentlemen I have finally got my hands on Mac’s Soar Lip Liner! I have wanted this since about Christmas time last year but never been able to find it thanks to Kylie Jenner and I actually went into Harvey Nichols in Leeds with the sole intention of picking up Subculture (I think) instead, but as soon as I spotted this I had to have it and I am so glad that I did. It is a brilliant daytime matte lip look that also works brilliantly with dramatic eyes for an evening too. So versatile and brilliant for those trips where you can’t take much makeup with you.

I’ve heard lots about Bumble & Bumble in the past but never tried any of their products out. My usual blow dry protector was coming to the end of the bottle and I spotted this at the till in Boots and thought why not. Since I started using this I have noticed that I have had less hair breaking and ending up on the floor when I style it, it looks softer and has gone on a bit of a growth spurt. Brilliant product.

I won’t go on about St Moriz too much but where have you been all my life fast tan?! Now I can make myself look instantly a little bit more alive and healthier (not that I think you need a tan to look healthy but the Casper look doesn’t suit me at all and at times I look grey) so of course this is a big winner in my eyes.

Welcome to my life as well Collection’s Nude Grey & Nude Bronze Eye Palettes. These little gems are under £3 each in Boots and contain six shades in a mixture of matte and metallics. They’re super pigmented, apply smoothly and easily and have fantastic lasting power on the eyes too (and have really greasy lids so they must be good).

Finally The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer, highlighter. Again a product I wanted to try for a while and it wasn’t that I couldn’t get my hands on it but I had one already that I liked, I got on well with it and in all honesty that nagging little sensible voice in my head kept on telling me I didn’t need it. But then I hit pan so I did need it and here it is. A gorgeous finely milled, champagne shimmer highlighter that just adds that I am so damn healthy glow to the cheeks, a I had a full 8 hours wide awake look to the inner corner of the eyes and an ever so soft, kiss me sheen to the cupids bow.

And there you have it, 5 items that haven’t been far from my hand this month and won’t be for a while. What are you loving this month Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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