My February

Welcome to February – the month of love! However, this month there is so much more going on (some of which you will have to wait to hear about), here are some of the things I am really looking forward to this month…

1. Valentines Day – I like the traditional idea of Valentines day and I do like to do something a little bit special and out of the ordinary on the day, but I do sometimes feel that the stores take it a bit too far. As of yet we’re yet to make any plans and will most likely have a nice night in with a film. Bliss.

2. Feast & Fast – February sees the start of the traditional period of Lenten fasting. I’m not religious at all (despite being dragged to church every weekend until I was about 15) but I do like to do a little fasting in the run up to Easter. I’m not a Chocaholic so giving up sweets would not be a huge task to me. My biggest weaknesses are Pizza & Wine, and therefore from the 18th February until the beginning of April not a slice of pizza or drop of wine shall pass these lips, bring on the bikini body!

3. Super League –  I can once again release my inner tomboy this month when the Super League season restarts with a new structure and system for me to get my head around. I love Rugby League and I can’t wait for the new season to get going. Bring on the Rhinos!

4. Holiday Booking – This year will see us heading to Italy for a friends wedding in the sun and I can’t wait to get everything sorted once a few minor details have been sorted out. Sorento here we come!

5. Training – I will get 4 PT sessions in this month, and combined with my Daily greatness journal I am really looking forward to seeing a bit of progress and inch loss.

So that’s a few of the things I have coming up this month, how about you?