My ‘Fifteen Festive Favourites’ Post

Wow that title’s a bit a mouthful don’t you think? So again this is something that I’ve picked up off another blogger (Professional DayDreamer) and I thought it would be fun to get involved. I’m not going to tag anyone specific to take part but I’d love to see your posts if you take part so leave your links.

What’s Your Favourite…

Festive Food? I think it would have to be Smoked Salmon. I know that you can get it all year round and some people probably wouldn’t class it as festive, BUT, Smoked Salmon & Croissants on Christmas Day morning is my favourite breakfast of the year!

Reindeer? I only really know Rudolph and as he is on my Christmas jumper I’ll say him I guess.

Day of Christmas? As in the song? The first. In real life? Christmas Day, I love seeing the family, having a good catch up and enjoying some great food.

Christmas Song? Ooo tough one – part of me wants to say ‘All I Want For Christmas’ because it is always the first Christmas song I hear each year but I think it would have to be Wizzard ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’. It always makes me smile, turn the radio up & feel really festive.

Present? The ones that I don’t know about and that people have put thought into. Last year I got this little, hand made tin dog, it’s so cute and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Festive Film? Love Actually. It’s always the first Christmas film that I watch each year and it always get’s me in the spirit.

Cracker Toy? Every year I get the little metal ‘magic’ trick and I can never remember how to do it. I always spend about an hour on Christmas day fighting with it, it’s almost a tradition now!

Cracker Joke? What did one snowman say to the other? Can you smell carrots?!?  

Decoration? The hand made hearts in the bottom right of the picture above. Each year my other half’s Gram puts one on my present instead of a gift tag. I love them.

Christmas Candle Scent? Either Snow In Love or Honey & Spice by Yankee Candle. I usually have them both; Snow In Love is nice and relaxing so I have it in my bedroom to burn on an evening and then Honey & Spice is really warming so I put it in the living room. That reminds me I’m due a Yankee Haul.

Christmas Ad? I always know it’s Christmas when the Coca-Cola truck appears on my screen and I look forward to seeing what John Lewis and M&S come up with each year. But this years Sainsbury’s advert gives me goosebumps – I love the sentiment and story behind it and hopefully it will awaken another generation to be thankful and remember those that gave up so much for us.

Tradition? Boxing Day rugby. Yes it’s freezing, but there’s nothing quite like getting wrapped up, watching the game and heading back for turkey and chips with the family.

Festive Fact? That jolly old St Nick actually wore green – but Coca Cola got their hands on him and made him the guy we think of today!

Snowman Accessory? I always put a pair of shades on mine, he’s a cool dude don’t you know!

Don’t forget to share your Fifteen Festive Favourite links below so I can have a read!

Happy Holidays