My Fitness Diary – April ’16 Edition

I never thought that this month would feel like the defining moment in my quest to become the healthier, fitter version of myself that I so long to be but then I never thought that taking time out would be helpful…

… I always thought that taking time off from the gym was pretty counter productive and looked upon it as a setback as opposed to a step further. Let me explain.

My Month | In some ways, April has been the best month. I spent a fantastic week away with the adopted family at Center Parcs and whilst I was there I stayed fairly active (even getting up for a early morning run to clear the wineover from the night before) and tried to eat sensibly without being a saint. I travelled to London with work, grabbing what I could to eat when I could and having no time for the gym and then inevitably I got sick from all the running around. 

The fix? I had an extra 30 minutes in bed in a morning instead of battling on with my fasted cardio sessions, I relaxed and read at lunchtimes rather than braving the elements for a 30 minute power walk and I headed straight home on an evening, carbed up and got an early night.

I managed to kick the cold out of my system fairly quick and when I did finally throw myself into a new structure the lbs dropped off and I dropped below my target of 132lbs. I am now at the lightest I have been in years and also at my leanest too. It just goes to show that sometimes a break is good for the body and even better for the mind.

My Workout of the Month | As I mentioned above in the latter part of this month I have thrown myself into a new structure following my bout of sniffles and coughing. I am now doing fasted cardio 3 mornings a week mainly using the Chloe Madeley 15 Minute Fat Loss App. The app is just £2.99 on iTunes and is well worth every penny for the guided routines and motivation. In addition I am hitting the gym 5 nights a week and doing body weight or weight training with a Pilates session thrown in for good measure. Oh and on the two days I’m giving fasted a miss I am aiming to get out for a brisk 30 minute stroll at lunch instead. 

My Track of the Month | I recently discovered ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia & Sean Paul and I absolutely love it. It’s a great track to warm up to in the gym as it has such a Summer vibe to it!

My Kit of the Month | We all know that I love new kit and this month has been no different. I picked up an Adidas Techfit duo at Center Parcs which I am totally in love with. The long tights are high compression, making them perfect for running and my GRIT classes and the allover geo print makes them very flattering too. The matching bra is said to be for ‘medium’ impact sports but I find it really supportive even for high impact workouts too.

Goals & Achievements | This time last month all I wanted to achieve was staying on track – I have surpassed this sitting 2lbs lighter and with almost 1% less body fat. I finally feel accomplished and have so much determination to keep achieving now.

This month I want to try and drop another pound to 130 and get under 26% body fat.

I was going to go into my long term goals here too but that will wait for another day as I think I’d like to do an open & honest post about these for you.

What would your fitness diary look like this month?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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