My Fitness Diary | August ’16 Edition

As another month flies by and the stores start to fill their rails with quilted Bomber Jackets and shades of berry and grey you could almost think that it’s Autumn.

Except it isn’t, It’s August, it’s still Summer and I’ve yet to go away. God damn all you High Street stores, jumping on the Autumn bandwagon too early!

My Month At the start of August I started on a Ketone based plan as part of my time working with Nalu Active. The idea of this type of plan is to encourage your body to go into a process of Ketosis by lower your carb intake, it then burns Ketones as energy as opposed to carbs. 

A lot of people view this kind of diet as ‘eating fat to lose fat’ and I guess in a way they probably aren’t far wrong. You have two high fat days, followed by one low fat day and your carbs stay low throughout.

However, you can get almost flu like symptoms at the start; headaches, lethargy, brain fog and irritability. I think I got them all, I felt like crap for a week before it levelled out and it’s safe to say that part I did not enjoy. I couldn’t workout, I had no desire to blog and all I wanted to do was head to bed after work. I didn’t even want to eat.

Although I manage to shift that last little bit of weight by following a Ketone plan, I don’t feel that it was for me. I didn’t enjoy my food as much, my training or life in general and that’s why this week I am almost taking a little break whilst I am off work to recharge my batteries before the last push before I head away.

My Workout of the Month OK so not really a workout, but this month I have really enjoyed getting out on a lunchtime, stretching my legs and clearing my head. Maybe it’s the feeling of the sun on my skin or the blood pumping around my body but hey, it makes me feel good and that’s why I love it so much.

My Kit of the Month This month I have started using my Yantra Mat again a few times a week to help relieve the aches and pains of the gym. Because I haven’t used it in quite a while I’ve had to start back at doing just 5-10 minutes a night and will slowly build up how long I can stay on there for again over time.

My Meal of the Month Chicken Satay! This perfectly fits in with my macros and is so easy to make it’s unbelieveable… Pass me the Peanut Butter!

My Track of the Month This month one of my favourite tracks has been one that is used in my Sunday morning spin class, so despite the painful memories it is Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya. Just remember when Daya says ‘don’t let me down’ you got to get your squat on!

My Goals & Achievements As I write this I am sat here at 55.5kg and I cannot tell you how proud of myself I am for achieving my pre-holiday goal weight. This whole weight loss journey has brought with it a real mix bag of emotions. There have been days when I have felt like throwing the towel in, hitting self destruct and walking away from it.

But sticking with it has been the best thing I have ever done and I’ve really achieved something for myself.

This week has been a full on week of gyming, blogging and eating and so far I am happy that despite the amount of gorgeous food I have eaten, I’m not miles off track.

Looking ahead I now have two weeks until I head to the airport and jet away to warmer climes, I have now finished my time working with Nalu Active and it’s time to see what I can achieve on my own. On Saturday Paul and I are both going to start a two-week carb-cycle in a last pre-holiday push. I set myself a new goal of 53.7kg when I hit 55.7kg and hopefully two, uninterrupted, strict weeks of carb-cycling will get me there. Along with a massive gym regime that is!

How do you feel your month has gone? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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