My Fitness Diary | December ’16 Edition

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram you may have seen my minor end of year emotional breakdown that I had this week. An emotional breakdown where I forgot about everything I had achieved this year and instead focussed on the setbacks.

This year on the whole has been one of amazing progress and dedication, one that has taught me so much about myself and my capabilities. However, it has also opened my eyes to my ‘demons’ too and this is something that I am struggling to overcome.

Hopefully I can make this all make sense below…

My Month | December has been a hard month for me personally on the fitness front, with my social engagements far outweighing the number of visits I have made to the gym! Working out works more than just my body, it also works my mind and allows me to relax and unwind. To destress. So when I don’t get there the smaller, more insignificant stresses of daily life become magnified and start to play on my mind more than they should.

Things like not having the presents wrapped start to cause me sleepless nights.

But not staying as active as I like to be also means that I start to make the wrong kind of gains, in the wrong places. Gone are the days where I feel comfortable ‘sofa bearing’ for days on end without a care in the world. 

Now I stress over the fact that I have gained 4/5 pounds since my holiday in September, that my jeans are a tad more snug than when I bought them in October and that my face is no longer as naturally contoured as it was in the Summer.

Because I love all the carbs and Christmas is all about the carbs right?

So you could say that my month has been one of low activity, high stress and a rollercoaster of emotion and you’d be pretty accurate!

My Workout of the Month  This month I have started to really enjoy lifting again, hitting the squat rack and powering through when the going gets tough. I set myself the goal of becoming fitter, faster and stronger in 2016 and whilst it may have not always gone to plan this year I know that I am in a better position than when I started the year.

My Kit of the Month | Ok so not really a piece of kit as such (in fact it is in no way, shape or form, gym kit) but my Superdry Beanie has been invaluable this month! There is nothing worse in Winter than coming out of the gym after a good workout and having to walk back to the car with a cold head, so this is my best gym buddy in the colder months!

My Meal of the Month | For Christmas I got not just one, but two Spiralizers and I have used it almost every day since it I unwrapped it. My favourite? Potato Spaghetti in a homemade Tomato Pesto Sauce. Delicious.

My Track of the Month | My soundtrack to the month has definitely been Christmas songs but since my headphones broke I haven’t listened to anything in the gym other than the Pure Gym’s own ‘radio’ station. One of the first new pieces of kit I need to invest in this year is a new pair of headphones to save my sanity in the gym!

My Goals & Achievements This year I wanted to be less concerned with how much I weighed, but in reality being the opposite has totally transformed me this year. However, I think at times I have been on the verge of become obsessed with the numbers game. 

Moving forward I want to be less focused on the numbers and more focussed on the aesthetics instead, finding my abs again and being happy with what I see in the mirror. One of my primary goals for 2017 is to reduce my body fat by eating well, training hard and staying focussed.

I’ve identified my food & eating ‘demons’; I have finally recognised that I find comfort in food and have binge tendencies when I do. I know that food will not ‘fix’ the situation but I do it all the same and this is something that I need to work on over the next twelve months. 

My goals for the year ahead are simple; to be happy, healthy and honest with myself – I have the magic numbers in my head that I want to hit but I don’t want to make other pressurised to do the same. If there is one thing that I hope you can take from this post and into the New Year is that I do this for me and not for anyone else. I aim to achieve goals that I have want to hit and believe are achievable and not the goals of others.

Do it because you want to, do it for you and do it because you enjoy it.

How has your fitness journey been this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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