My Fitness Diary – December 2015 Edition

Whoever said that December wasn’t made for being healthy has obviously not met me! I fully expected this to be the hardest month and to be honest it was but in some ways it was also the best month I’ve had and the most motivating…

… My Month – So last month I finally felt as though I had got my mojo back in the gym and it definitely transpired that I had! This month I have ditched those extra few pounds I have been carrying around with me (almost hitting my goal of 132lbs before Christmas) and most importantly I have cut my bodyfat % down by almost 2%. As I said, this month has really motivated me to stick with it and see just how much I can achieve and my new Jamie Oliver cookbook has me totally inspired to try out new foods next year too!

My Workout of the Month – I hope you’re sitting down for this because this month’s workout of the month is spin. I know, who’d have thought it I’m actually enjoying cardio again. I may do an intro to spin post soon as I’ve really got into it this month, I’m even booked onto a class on New Year’s Eve!

My Track of the Month – This month I haven’t really been listening to any tracks or playlists in particular. If I’ve been on the bike I’ve been watching various Vlogmas videos on YouTube and when I’ve been hitting the weights I’ve been listening to ‘The Chris Moyles Show’ on catch up on the RadioX app! I was a massive Moyles fan back in the old Radio 1 days and I’m really enjoying having him back on the airwaves.

My Kit of the Month – My new Leeds Rhinos training vest! This is so comfortable to train in it is unbelievable, hope the people of Halifax don’t mind me repping my boys on the gym floor!

Goals & Achievements – I am 1lb off hitting a 132 lbs and I’m going for 130lb by the end of January and I’m also aiming for to get my Bodyfat in the 25% range too. Weight is just a number and I know that to achieve what I want atheistically I will have to be a little more flexible with my ambitions when it comes to this number. Now that Christmas is out of the way I have just over two weeks until I head to Center Parcs and I want to look and feel strong in my bikinis!

How about you guys? What goals have you hit this month or what targets are you setting yourself for the month ahead? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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