My Fitness Diary – February ’16 Edition

February, the month of love, longer days and additional workout days. February is the month that many of us give in in, but for those that stick with it it’s also the month of creating a habit…

…and stick with it I have (channeling my inner Yoda there) and here is this month’s ‘Fitness Diary’ installment.

My Month | This month my training has been much more consistent (averaging 5 workouts a week) and I have generally been more active thanks to the great British weather finally drying out, even if it has been bitterly cold. It’s been another busy one though and lots of temptation has been put before me, however, thanks to my training I’ve felt happy to have the odd treat & treat.

My Workout of the Month | Having strangely enjoyed the Pure Intensity classes at my local Pure Gym, I’ve recently signed up for the Les Mills Grit classes that they offer too. Although it’s an addition to my standard membership I think it is well worth the investment (£20 for 6 sessions) and I’m already feeling the benefits of putting a bit more HIIT into my schedule!

My Track of the Month | I’ve not really listened to any new music in the gym this month, however, I have been listening to the Black Eyed Peas back catalogue (mainly thanks to The Voice being on at the minute) and ‘Pump It’ is still up there for me, especially when it comes to squat motivation!

My Kit of the Month | My Nike Fundamental Training Gloves! I’ve found that since starting to incorporate more weight training into my schedule my hands have started to fall apart and been quite sore. These are the only gloves I’ve tried on that have fitted and been comfortable too. I’m definitely going to be giving them a thorough testing over the next few weeks! 

Goals & Achievements | I still have a few days to go on this and I’m on track to hit the 132lbs and 1% Body Fat loss that I was aiming for this month. I’ve trained incredibly hard and eaten incredibly well and feel as though it’s paying off. Hopefully come Monday I’ll be starting the week with a great big smile on my face.

Next month I’m aiming for another 1% Body Fat loss and drop another couple of pounds to 130lbs. It’s time to go hard or go home this March.

What have been your favorite workouts, tracks & fitness purchases this month?

What are your goals for March?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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