My Fitness Diary – January ’16 Edition

January, a month for detoxes, resolutions and new beginnings, or so they say. I always find January a hard month; I fall into a routine over the Christmas break that I cannot maintain once I’m not abundant in time and also struggle with getting into the gym and battling the crowds…

…But battle on I must and here is this month’s ‘Fitness Diary’ installment.

My Month | Thankfully, despite the madding crowds, I have managed to keep my gym motivation up this month training 4 or 5 times a week. However, I have only managed to maintain my Weight and Body Fat figures that I started the month with. Although my training has been on point and I’ve been much more active than I was last month, my diet has (although not bad by any stretch of the imagination) not been great. 

My Workout of the Month | Pure Intensity at Pure Gym. Pure Intensity is not for the weak willed, hearted or minded and is a test not only of your strength and ability, but of your commitment too. This intense workout will work all of your major muscle groups out using a range of body weight exercises and help you burn some serious fat thanks to its non-stop pace.

My Track of the Month | Since I upgraded to the 6s and lost my Deezer subscription (thanks EE) I’ve been using the Apple Music app instead and this month I am loving their ‘Bodypump Bangers’ playlist in particular because it is perfect for lifting weights to.

My Kit of the Month | My FitBit Charge HR has become a permanent feature on my wrist since I found it under the tree on Christmas day! The Charge HR  helps me tie together all of my training & activity data and compare my daily calorie intake to what I am burning off which I find really useful because I never really looked at this in detail before. You can also use it to see how far you’ve walked in a day, how many steps you’ve taken and also monitor your Heart Rate throughout the day.

Goals & Achievements | Ok so maybe my goals and sights were set a little too high for this month, I’ve not hit them and although I know part of this is due to my ‘not on point’ diet’, I also think I  may have been a little hard on myself too. The fact that I have not hit them has made me feel a little deflated but that’s not going to last, it can’t! So this month I’m looking for smaller changes, I’m going to aim for 132 lbs and to reduce my body fat by 1%. I’ll need to work hard to get there but I have a plan and I’m up for the challenge. 

What have been your favorite workouts, tracks & fitness gadgets this month?

What are your goals for February?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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