My Fitness Diary – July ’16 Edition

I feel like most of my diary posts start of the same, with tales of a month filled with highs and lows and to be honest this month hasn’t been very different. Just with a few more highs than normal.

My Month | At the end of last month I started carb cycling and I started off brilliantly with a 3.5lb loss in my first week. You can read all about my carb cycling ‘journey’ (I seriously cannot think of what else to call it, experience maybe?) in my Carb Cycling & Me post but in a nutshell I do two low carb days followed by one high carb day (with a cheat meal on a Saturday to keep me sane).

Make sure you read on until the end to see how I have got on.

Despite following a set plan I haven’t let life pass me by, I’ve been more active than ever, I’ve still been out & about at events, seeing friends and family but I feel a little more confident with my meal choices now when I am out!

My Workout of the Month | This might seem a little strange but I have really enjoyed training legs this month! I’ve been doing a little more hypertrophy based training over the last few weeks (focusing on lower reps at heavier weights) pushing my muscles to their limit and so that they will get stronger and become more defined. Although I love lifting weights and training every part of my body, there is is just something about training legs that makes me feel invincible.

My Kit of the Month | Hold the front page because I don’t think I have invested in any new kit this month! Shocking I know, but this month I have been focusing on investing in my health as opposed to my wardrobe, although I do need to invest in a new water bottle and a pair of trainers very, very soon!

My Meal of the Month | Working with a nutritionist has given me not only the knowledge to head back into the kitchen with, but also the confidence to get cooking again too. These days it has become so easy for us to order in, buy pre-prepared meals or just pop out for tea and I think a lot of people probably struggle with cooking too.

But one thing I have really started to enjoy again are omelettes and I have actually started to feel a little bit like the omelette queen this month! My favourite consists of; Egg Whites, one Egg Yolk, Spinach, Goats Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes. Be still my beating heart!

My Track of the Month | I have literally just discovered a new Ministry of Sound album ‘Throwback Summer Jamz’ which is just brilliant for those out there who, like me, are children of the 90’s. I’m talking Ja Rule, Destiny’s Child and J Lo; I need to get my squat on to this bad boy album!

Goals & Achievements | Woo this might actually be my favourite part of this post this month! So I want to kind of fill you in on my carb cycling progress in total even though some of my progress was last month because my 6 weeks of carb cycling will end tomorrow night.

I started my cycle at 59.9kg, which may not sound much, but to me it just wasn’t where I wanted to be. Over the past six weeks I have lost a total of 3.5kgs (just under 8lbs) and I am so pleased with how far I have come and that I am already in striking distance of my end goal of 55.7kgs! I honestly thought I would find the process harder than I have, the hardest part has actually been days like today where I have plateaued a little bit. But that’s why on Monday I will start on a new plan with Sophia at Nalu Active.

I now have just 6 weeks until I head away to Gran Canaria and although my original target was to get to 55.7kgs I know want to see just how far I can go with this, whilst maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’m starting on a Ketone plan on August 1st and going to be upping my fasted cardio sessions a little in search of those abs that are just starting to appear!

How have you got on this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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