My Fitness Diary – June 2015 Edition

So you might remember that at the end of last month I decided to cleanse my system, cut out the processed, refined rubbish and get my body back in shape after the penny dropped as to why I felt so rubbish and I’ve almost kept it up, almost.

I finally feel as though I have found a ‘diet’ that works for me. Now personally I dislike that word, diet, but essentially what you eat is your diet. At the end of the day it is about doing what works for you, whilst remaining happy, healthy and energised. When you cut carbs you feel drained, so you can keep your ‘no carbs before Marbs’ celeb fad as that is most definitely not for me. I need energy to train so this would get me nowhere. 

So what have I been doing? I’ve been eating lots of vegetables (where have courgettes been all my life!), lots of fish (tuna, cod, mackerel), lots of chicken and most importantly I haven’t been eating dairy or gluten (well you know how I said almost? I’ll get back to that in a minute). This really seems to work for me, I feel better in myself, my skin has improved, my hair looks better and I feel more productive in the gym.

Seen as I have mentioned the gym, again I finally seem to have found a rhythm in there as well. I have continued with my fasted cardio every morning, walking at lunch whenever the weather decides to let me and hitting the gym on an evening. I take in classes such as Body Pump, Bodyweight & Pilates, train with my PT and add in additional weights and cardio where I can over the course of the week.

Saying that I had a four day fail where we had a bit of a party for the Le Mans race, ate lots of the wrong type of food, drank more than enough and then continued that on my little trip to the North East.

Overall a good month, let me know if you would like me to share some of my meal & training tips over the next few weeks. 

What have you been doing this month? Let me know below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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