My Fitness Diary – March ’16 Edition

March 2016 has been a month of fasting, craving and chocolate, it hasn’t been the easiest of months and it can be easy to fall off the wagon when temptation is waiting at the supermarket doors…

…Usually I’d be lining the pockets of Mr Cadbury as I have a soft spot for eggs of the Mini & Cream varieties. However, this year I seem to have found some self restraint, maybe this month’s ‘My Fitness Diary’ installment will explain?

My Month | This month has been filled with challenges, not least the one I’m going to talk about below, but there’s been events filled with champagne, cocktails, chocolate and canapes galore this March and when you’re preparing for swimsuit central temptation appears to be everywhere. However, the Easter Bunny only comes once a year and so I allowed myself a few days off for Chocolate indulgence & a glass or two of wine (which I may or may not end up regretting poolside next week).

My Workout of the Month | Hands up if you follow the gorgeous Chloe Madeley on social media? I’m sure if you caught my ‘Instagram Inspiration‘ post you will by now know how much I admire and respect this girl and so at the end of February I committed to taking part in the three week ‘Chloe App Challenge’, three weeks of eating clean and getting lean. I really enjoyed the challenge, the results and the motivated I had over the three weeks. So much so that I think I’d quite another challenge, who wants to take me on?

My Track of the Month | A little bit of a different take on my track of the month in the form of Carly Rowena’s ‘Get Abs Without Crunches – One Song Workout‘. I have ab-solutely loved doing this track at home on a morning before work and I’d like to think it’s working to as there is some definite signs of my abs breaking free!

My Kit of the Month | This month I treated myself to some new gym gear (because that’s obviously what my wardrobe needs more of) and I headed to my nearest DW Sports store after spying a ‘Top & Tight’ offer on Reebok kit. Not only is this Gymana Printed Sports Bra bright it’s also comfortable and looks the part too thanks to it’s cross back design. Also I am hooked on the HBC Magazine too which is packed with interesting articles and features, make sure you grab a copy from the Health Bloggers Community!

Goals & Achievements | Well I don’t think I’ll hit the 130lb & minus 1% Body Fat targets that I set myself, although I’m not miles away either so I’m not too downhearted or disappointed. I’m heading away at the start of April so my target for next month is not to gain any weight, fall off track or go wild poolside! When I get back from Center Parcs I’ll assess the damage and put together a plan for the rest of the month.

Finally I have a new series coming up starting in April that will give you even more ideas on what you can do to keep happy, healthy and motivated so stay tuned!

What would your fitness diary look like this month?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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