My Fitness Diary – May 2015 Edition

So last month I perhaps a little prematurely decided that Spring has sprung and summer was on its way. Wrong. I am sure that on the whole this month I have spent more time underneath my umberella (ella, ella), dodging puddles and finding shelter than last month! But hey, there’s been a bit of sun and that’s what has been inspiring me, the sun!

This month got off to a slow start for me, the first week of May I had a lot on and so although I was able to stick to my AM cardio routine, hitting the gym on an evening just didn’t really happen and thanks to the weather I din’t get many lunch walks in either. Pretty much a week to forget.

Week two was much better, I managed to get 4 AM Cardio sessions in (the one I missed was only because I slept in, oops) and 5 gym sessions as well. I really got a good mix of workout styles in at the gym; Bodyweight, Pilates, Tabata, Circuits & even an LBT class! It was a really goof week and I ate really well with only one tumble off of the wagon (which may or may not have been pizza). But I could see my abs coming thorugh so that was ok yeah?

Last week was one of realisation for me. I’d spent the past few weeks feeling fairly rubbish and uncomfortable, grabbing quick (albeit relatively healthy) meals, eating the wrong things and abusing my body. You know how I always bang on about fuelling yourself right? Well I’d obviously forgotten that, it was like I’d put petrol in my diesel engine. I had just about run out of steam, I was struggling in the gym and at home. It was horrible. So I began reading Deliciously Ella, a book I had wanted to read for a while and it literally grabbed hold of me and gave me a good old shake up. So I hit the shops, stocked up on clean, unprocessed foods and decided enought was enough.

This week has been much better so far (well I had a minor fail today dropping my tea but other than that), my meals and training are on point and I’m felling much better and happier with myself. 

Essentially I’m having a detox. I’ve cut out the processed foods, gluten & dairy for the week to settle my body down – I’ve given √•refined sugar the heave ho to get rid of the fatty deposits that have gathered around my core and I’m making myself work harder. There’s a difference between pure CBA-itus and those days where you truly need to rest, the secret is to listen to your body, not your symptoms.

I really hope my end of month ramblings help and I would love to hear from you guys below so please leave me a comment to let me know how you’re getting on with hour fitness or if you’re looking to get started.

I’ll be back on Saturday morning with a ‘Free Your Mind’ post but until then x

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